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Weegee at MoMA, in the The Thomas Walther Collection…

“Frank Pape, Arrested for Homicide, November 10, 1944″

Great essay!
“In the Police Wagon, in the Press, and in The Museum of Modern Art
(A Note on Weegee’s Frank Pape, Arrested for Homicide, November 10, 1944)”
Jason E. Hill

(To be continued…)

(Not to nitpick over trivial matters, but we think the Frank Pape photo was made outside of the Manhattan police headquarters, on Centre Market Place, not in the Bronx: “On November 9, 1944, the American photographer Weegee made three exposures of Frank Pape… as he was escorted into a police wagon outside the 161st Street courthouse in the Bronx en route to Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital… PM and MoMA then can be said with some real plausibility to have been equally present forces in the framing of Weegee’s view outside the Bronx courthouse on November 9, 1944…” In fact, we think the photo was made here… Or, our second choice, possibly here…)
Google Street View, Manhattan Police Headquarters, Centre Market Place, July 2012

Weegee, PM, November 24, 1941, p. 13

Cop Kills Holdup Man: A few minutes after he had held up an Essex Street lunchroom on the Lower East Side and shot a patron, Vincent Mannuzza, 31, was lying dead at the feet of the cop who shot him. Patrolman Laurence Cramer, right, shot and killed Mannuzza, after a two-block chase and is shown handing the gunman’s revolver to Sgt. Eugene Morland. The $20 loot taken from the restaurant lies in Mannuzza’s hat at his side. An ambulance surgeon crouches over the dead man who was shot in he head and back. Mannuzza shot a customer, Adam Zayko, 50, when he refused to go into the back room with two other customers and the mangaer of the lunchroom.
PM Photo by Weegee

Weegee Daily, November 24, 2012, – Approximate location
WD Photo by Ceegee

Footnote, or, after a few minutes of Googling, two similar, yet slightly different accounts:

The Herald Statesman, Yonkers, N.Y., Monday, November 24, 1941, p. 5

The Niagara Falls Gazette, Monday, November 24, 1941, p. 22

Weegee Daily, November 24, 2012 – Approximate location
WD Photo by Ceegee

Weegee, PM, November 24, 1940

2 Die in Wrecked Car
Dr. Albion O. Bernstein, 28, interne, and Miss. Helen Ayers, nurse at Beth Israel Hospital, were drowned early yesterday when his car plunged over the string piece and into the East River at Pier 60, East 21st St. Picture shows emergency squad men lifting Miss Ayers from the car. Photo by Weegee

Ceegee, Weegee Daily, November 24, 2012 – approximate location…

0 Die in Wrecked Car…Picture shows the remnants of what was perhaps, Pier 60, East 21st St. and the East River… Photo by Ceegee

Footnote, or, after a few minutes of Googling:
“The Bernstein Award
This national award, endowed by the late Morris J. Bernstein in memory of his son, a physician who died in an accident while answering a hospital call in 1940, is given to a physician or scientist who has made a significant contribution in medicine, surgery, or disease prevention during the previous calendar year.
The award consists of a check for $2000.00 and a citation. Information on the MSSNY Continuing Medical Education Program can be obtained here…”

(from the Internet… Albion O. Bernstein memorial Volume, 1943)

Ceegee, Weegee Daily, November 24, 2012 – approximate location…

Approximate location of where the photo “The Critic” was made…

Approximate location of where the photo “The Critic” was made…

Approximate location…

A statue dedicated to the memory of the unidentified “disheveled” women, AKA the critic…

All photos made about 15-30 minutes and 71 years after and at the approximate location of where the photo “The Critic” was made…




Screen shots from the (old) Harvard Art Museum’s website

A slight variant of “Untitled (Harlem), 1939″ was printed in PM, on October 18, 1943
A slight variant of “Untitled (circus in Madison Square Garden)” was published in PM…
Wonder why a few of photos that were made in the 1940s, (and have distinctive edges and corners) but “printed later” have this stamp: “CREDIT PHOTO BY WEEGEE THE FAMOUS [circumscribed].”
“Audience Reaction” is not really the title, it’s the subject… Mostly grayscale images?

Great “Weegee by Weegee” photo: “USED IN TIME NOV 2 1953 – pg. 74 [page notation in black ink]”
Great “Manuelda Hernandez…” photo. Great two Santa photo…

LIFE, December 27, 1954

(Although that looks like a typical Weegee “grim” crime photo… maybe it was set-up…)

Weegee, PM, November 17, 1941

(Interestingly Weegee had another and perhaps equally unknown photo published in PM, on November 17, 1941… “Lucky Phil Falco leaped just before his car took this dive off the Willis Avenue Bridge. He swerved to avoid another car.
PM Photo by Weegee“)

PM, November 17, 1941
Mongrel Pup Almost Dies Saving 16 Families in Fire
“Jerry, mongrel collie, was overcome by smoke in a fish store at 210 E. 10th St., but not before he attracted the attention of a passerby.”
“When the ambulance arrived an intern gave the unconscious pup an injection and continued treatments until he regained his senses. Sixteen families made their escape from apartments above the store, due to Jerry’s warning.”
“John Lamanna, Jerry’s owner, tenderly carries him off wrapped in a blanket. The intern said the dog would recover.”
PM Photos by Weegee




Weegee Daily, November 17, 2014
No Pups, No Fire, No Fish Store…

Sarcastically he writes: Weegee’s crime scene photos published in the TABLOID above are typically “grim” and bloody…

(To be continued…)


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