Weegee the Famous: “…show how, in a city ​​of ten million people live in complete solitude. “

(Screenshot from lebleuduciel.net)

From lebleuduciel.net:

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“WEEGEE the Famous

“The Black Photography”

in partnership with Quais du Polar Under the Polar Platform 2014 festival, the Blue Sky joins the event to present the famous Weegee styled and famous in his exhibition entitled “Black photograph.” For the first time on Lyon photographs of the “famous” photographer will be presented. His work, entirely Black and white, focus on the nightlife of the city of New York and lead us to a succession of sordid or tragic incidents. For the artist, his photographic approach is to “show how, in a city ​​of ten million people live in complete solitude. ” The Ukrainian Usher Fellig emigrated with his parents to the United States at the age of 11 years, fleeing the rise of anti-Semitism. A click is when it takes a picture in the street: it will be a photographer. He worked several years at ACME Newspictures then becomes independent. He inherited his nickname Weegee is a reference to the spiritual game Ouija, which is to communicate with the spirits. Giving the impression of knowing in advance where and when interesting events would unfold, he had done in his car radio connected to the police frequencies. Penetrate New york unknown 20s, through the objective of Weegee, whose crackling flash could capture more of a scene of crime. Disasters, fires, regulations mafia account, prostitution and freaks of the night, jet-set debauched or pinch the subject of his work.”

Dossier de Presse PDF here…

(Screenshot from lebleuduciel.net)

(Screenshots from lebleuduciel.net)

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