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PM Newspaper 1941
PM Daily, March 19, 1941, Vol. I, No. 196, p. 32
Tenement Fire On Lower East Side Drives 50 Families Into Cold
“Down in one of New York’s poorest districts, half a hundred families are crowded into an old house at 90 Stanton St. Fire started in an adjacent tenement, was sucked through the air shafts by the high wind, almost smothering all of those who lived there. Here is a rescue.”
Photo by Weegee

PM Newspaper 1941

Weegee Daily, March 19, 2014
No Fire On Lower East Side… Sun Sets on Lower East Side…
An adjacent building is no tenement… Looks like the rat trap in the lower right corner is still there… (“No Beggars or Peddlers” a sign in 1941 says… “Notice: No Loitering, No Peddling, No Soliciting, Allowed in this Building” a sign in 2014 says…)
One of the best PM back covers…

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Photo by Ceegee