PM, February 21, 1941

“Court reports say the Esposito brothers, who set Fifth Avenue into a murderous uproar last month, killing two men and wounding two others, are feigning insanity at Bellevue Hospital. When psychiatrists are present, the two murders go off into a variety of fits but when no one but nurses are around the two prisoners are gallant, talkative and otherwise quite sane…”


PM, February 20, 1941

Feast of the Bums
by Ben Hecht

“It’s a dirty day around Houston Street and Bowery. The wind’s blowing. The cold takes a bite out of you. There’s a stale smell in the air as if something were dead…”

Extra! Weegee, page 104

Fire Defies Test Blackout
When New York City and New Jersey went dark tonight to test new air raid signals, this four-alarm fire in a paper factory illuminated a large section of downtown Manhattan…” February 18, 1943
Extra! Weegee, page 104

PM, February 18, 1943 (photos by Weegee and Steven Derry)
Two Alarm Fire at Greene and E. Third St… The fire was in a paper bag company on the third floor.”

Same fire, other side…

Perhaps the fire was at:
Salwen Paper Co., 189-195 Greene street
Henry F. Fulling Co. Inc. paper, 202 Greene street
Henry Fuchs & Son, paper & twine, 215 Greene Street

New York Times, February 19, 1943, pp, 1 and 13

New Raid Signal Blacks Out City
Public Response Encouraging, Mayor Says, but He Orders Another Drill Tonight…
Lightless, that is so far as man-made illumination was concerned. The clear full moon converted the side streets, the wide stretches of Broadway and Seventh Avenue into deserted silver lanes…”

(Screenshot from

Copied from:
“Sale 2466 Lot 70
What do Wear. Ferrotyped silver print, the image measuring 13 1/8×10 1/2 inches (33.3×26.7 cm.), the sheet slightly larger, with a Credit Photo by Weegee hand stamp and a typed caption label on verso; a Marcuse Pfeifer Gallery label is affixed to the the obverse of the lower mat. Circa 1941
From the Marcuse Pfeifer Gallery, New York; to a Private Collector, in the 1970s.”

Sold for $2750.00

Morris Weinstock, of 130 Baruch Place, (Manhattan, not Brooklyn), starring in “What to Wear,” published in PM on October 15, 1941…