PM, August 31, 1941, p. 18

Holiday Accidents took their toll as motorists started their Labor Day week end. Early yesterday Joseph Morris and his brother’s wife, Charlotte were killed when this car overturned in Bronx Park. The driver, Anthony Morris, Navy purchasing agent, was injured. Three other auto deaths had been listed last night; the Motor Vehicle Bureau says about 40 will die before Tuesday in New York State.”

PM, August 31, 1941 (photo by Martin Harris)

Union Members vacationing…Vivian Cherry…”

PM, 1944, p. 13 (photo by John De Biase)

Here’s the Labor Day Rush at the Holland Tunnel
Our photographer waited around at the Holland Tunnel yesterday to get the Labor Day traffic…”

PM, 1944 (photo by Stanley Kubrick)

Bronx Motorists Strike Oil
Bogart’s Service Station at 164th St. and Jerome Ave. he Bronx, was a Labor Day rarity – it had gasoline to sell. At 10 a.m. yesterday cars were lined up there for more than a block.”

PM, September 3, 1947, p. 13 (photos by Irving Haberman)

Harlem Crowds Turn Out For West Indies Day…

PM, August 27, 1941, p. 1

Storm Ties Up Subways…5 Pages
This inferno-like scene is one of the results of tortential rains that wept New York, causing the worst subway tie-up in history. A lightning bolt hit a gas main in a subway excavation, dropped an auto into the resulting cave-in, stated a three-alarm fire… (PM Photo by Irving Haberman)”

“The Weather Bureau also termed 2.13 inches of rain in that brief spectacular on and one-half hours “extensive precipitation.”” p. 15

PM, August 27, 1941, pp. 15-18 (Photos by Irving Haberman and Gene Badger)

PM, August 27, 1941, pp. 14-15

PM, August 27, 1941, p. 14

Weegee Has a Salon: Arthur Fellig, the night-prowling cameraman who turns in many of PM’s choicest pictures of fires, wrecks, rescues and crimes, is having a one-man show of his own at the Photo League, 31 E. 21st St. The exhibit will run through Sept. 6.”

“FLASH: The Making of Weegee the Famous, by Christopher Bonanos. (Holt, $20.) Bonanos, the city editor of New York magazine, offers a compelling portrait of the 20th-century photographer Arthur Fellig, whose tabloid images riveted viewers. His life in the city began when he was a poor immigrant child living on the Lower East Side, and culminated in his becoming a photojournalist with practically a supernatural instinct for how to create a dramatic picture.” NY Times, 08/02/2019

“Highway Dragnet” (1954)

“Directed by: Nathan Juran
Actors: Richard Conte, Joan Bennett, Wanda Hendrix
Production Company: William F. Broidy Productions
Release Date: 27 January 1954”

Slightly irrelevant… Richard Conte, a few years after “Sleeping City,” and one of the three main characters is a photographer…

Cry of the City,” 1948

Starring Richard Conte (two years before “Sleeping City”).
Directed by Robert Siodmak.
(Spoiler alert: Brief but important scene in a photographer’s studio.)

Is “Cry of the City” (1948), filmed, in part, on the streets on New York City, better than “Naked City” (1948), filmed on the streets of New York City… Would be a great double feature…