All images are screenshots from MoMA’s website.

Weegee in “70 Photographers Look at New York” at MoMA, in November 1957- April 58.

Even though there are only a dozen photos by Weegee, this looks like an amazing exhibition, from the brick walls to the park benches, from the supersized Coney Island crowd to the salon-style hanging, from the double (yellow?) lines on the floor to what appears to be a men-only viewing room… (Unclear what one of those images is… photos on the floor and/or nailed to the wall?) This exhibition is not listed in Weegee’s World.


Don’t think we’ve seen these photos before…

Attribution of the first photo is uncertain, not convinced Weegee made this photo, a 4×5 contact print. We’ll put this in the “probably not a Weegee photo” pile.

Second photo, “Cary Safe Co., Buffalo, N.Y.,” – open safe and hammer, etc., could be by Weegee, an “older” photo with “newer” stamps. We’ll put this in the “probably a Weegee photo” pile.

7″ x 9″
Sold for: $898.88

Perhaps more importantly, caption (slug) on the back says:

New York: Down to the street of forgotten men – The Bowery – went Uncle Sam’s census-takers, April 8, to invade 15 cent flop houses, missions, etc. In quest of information for the 1940 census. A sad sight to meet their eyes was this – in an all night mission as 8 Bowery – were men without the price of a flop house sit and sleep on these benches.
Credit Line (ACME)
4/9/40 (WS)

(This image is in Weegee’s World, p.44, with what appears to be an incorrect title and date. Photo made in same place, presumably eight months later…)

Weegee’s World, p.44
“‘The Bowery, in all night mission, men sit on benches, … some thinking,’ December 26, 1940”

PM, December 26, 1940, p.15