PM, October 5, 1941

Wrong Number: At least that’s the expression on Rainbow’s face, who seems ready to purr: “That ain’t my master’s voice.” This black cat used to live at the Aquarium. But the Aquarium is closed. Reporters at Manhattan Police Headquarters adopted Rainbow. PM Photo by Bob Evans.”


Screenshot, Phillips website

Screenshot, Phillips website

Screenshot, Phillips website

Screenshot, Phillips website

Phillips, October 3, 2017

“Under the Third Avenus ‘El’ – sold for $9,375.
[The Bowery. Beautiful “distortion” made in the mid-late 1950s, from a negative from the mid 1940s… “But there’s beauty in the street of forgotten men (and women)…” “Naked City,” p. 157.]

“Dressing room behind the circus ring, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus” – sold for $11,875.
[Silly matting. “Two trimmed sections…” WTF?]

MoMA, “From the Picture Press,” 1973 (with arrows pointing to the Weegee photos)

Installation views from

“From the Picture Press” January 30-April 29, 1973, at MoMA.

“‘From the Picture Press’ an exhibition of over 225 photographs selected from newspaper files of the past five decades.” (Press release, January, 1973)

Divided into seven sections: “ceremonies, winners, losers, good news, alarums [alarms] and conundrums, confrontations and disasters.”

The previous (November 7, 1972 – January 21, 1973) photo exhibition was of course: “Diane Arbus.”
For more info (installation views, checklist, three press releases, or two and one wall label) on Arbus exhibition:

For more info on “From the Picture Press”:

(To be continued…)

“Naked City,” NY Art Book Fair, September 2017

Ralph Ingersoll’s copy of “Naked City”… not inscribed… second printing… leather and blue cloth binding… $2,000.

Last time we counted:
“Naked City”: 246 pages with 247 photos
78 photos were published in PM

(Freelance might be more accurate. There was advertising in PM from 1946-1948.)