“Aurora”; Xavier Cugat and his Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra; Margo; Adamson; Berrios; Lago; Roberti; Columbia (36139); 1941

PM, October 28, 1945, p. m12


Margo gets in Fredric March’s hair. The Tina and Maj. Joppolo of the play, A Bell for Adano, which closed Saturday night, photographed at a farewell party for the cast… Margo [1917-1985] had just smeared March’s [1897-1975] hair with icing from the party’s 450-pound, bell-shaped cake… Photo By Weegee

“I Said No”; Xavier Cugat and his Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra; Margo and Xavier Cugat; Loesser; Styne; Columbia (36488); 1941

PM, October 28, 1945, p. m13

Leahy Honors PM Coast Guardsman Adm William Leahy presenting a Navy citation to Chief Photographer’s Mate Ray Platnick, in Washington this week. Chief Platnick, in the service more than three years, returns to PM Nov 5. His photo, Coffee Drinkers, taken during the battle for Eniwetok Atoll, won second prize in work of 100 Navy combat photographers in the Pacific.

“40 Cups of Coffee”; Danny Overbea; King Kolex and his Orchestra; D. Overbea; Checker (774); 1953

“When My Baby Left Me”; Cootie Williams and his Orchestra; Williams; Vinson; Eddie Vinson; Capitol (266); Publication date: July 19, 1945

The New York Post, July 19, p. 19


By John Adam Knight

Worth Anyone’s $4
[$4 in July 1945 had the same buying power as $65.48 in June 2022.]

All of this is background for a brief review of a fine new picture book, Weegee’s “Naked City” (Essential Books, 243 pp., $4). This is Weegee at his former best, which means virtually unequaled. Most of these pictures were made before the Museum of Modern Art’s kiss of death took effect, and the purchaser need have little fear of being stuck with serious “art.”

What he will get for his $4 is a collection of grauvre reproductions of about 200 stark almost primitive photographs of death, despair and degeneracy in New York between midnight and morning. Though technically poor photographs, almost every one of them tells a gripping, human story, one of the best reasons I know for the invention of the camera.

The paper shortage denies me the pleasure of describing dozens of these pictures individually. I have space only to urge every one interested to buy the book and learn the lesson that Weegee once knew that honesty, a genuine interest in people – all people – and a recognition of what constitutes human interest in pictures can make any of you nearly as great as Weegee once was.

The New York Post, July 19, p. 19

“Echoes Of Harlem”; Cootie Williams And His Orchestra; Cootie Williams; Duke Ellington; Capitol (266); Publication date: July 19, 1945

“Don’t Worry ‘Bout That Mule”; Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five; Louis Jordan; C. Stewart; W. Davis; D. Groaner; F. Moore; Decca (18734 A); Publication date: July 18, 1945

PM, July 18, 1945

Rave Notice

There’s a new book in the stores today by Weegee, who bills himself as “the famous” – and is…

PM, July 18, 1945

Weegee, Naked City, 1945

77 years ago today…

Happy “Naked City” Day!

“Buzz Me”; Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five; Louis Jordan; F. Moore; D. Baxter; Decca (18734 B); Publication date: July 18, 1945

V-E-News – Flashes (Recorded Tuesday, May 8, 1945) No. 1

V-E Day

V-E-News – Flashes (Recorded Tuesday, May 8, 1945); No. 2

The Big Celebration in Times Square

“Wartime broadcast speech by Sir Winston Churchill”; Winston Churchill; May 8, 1945

All Around the Town… Our Unofficial Victory Celebration

PM, Nay 8, 1945

“On A Note Of Triumph A CBS Broadcast Commemorating V-E Day (Part 1)”; Martin Gabel; Norman Corwin; Bernard Herrmann; Lud Gluskin; Columbia Masterworks (71664-D)

(1) Fire Engines Coming to A Stop; (2) Fire Engines Pumping; (3) Fire Engines Departing; (4) Fire Engines Passing By; (5) Police Squad Cars with Sirens Coming to A Stop; Major (5004 B); 1960

NYPL, February 4, 2022

“THIRD AVE. and 100 TH. ST.”


New York City – FIRES

FEB – 1945


Photocopy/laser print of a great Weegee photo… housed in the NYPL Picture Collection until it was “formally transferred” to the Library’s Photography Collection in 2020… It’s included in the exhibition: “Taryn Simon // The Color of a Flea’s Eye: The Picture Collection“… “Through May 15, 2022…”

NYPL, February 4, 2022

“A Faded Photograph;” Whispering Jack Smit; Charles Kenny; Nick Kenny; Richard Howard; Decca (3437 B); September 13, 1940

Colorful Birds Eye View of “THIRD AVE. and 100 TH. ST.” in 2021.

“Fire Engine Effects;” Columbia (YB 1)

“Shorty George”; Count Basie And His Orchestra; Count Basie; Brunswick (80134); Publication date: February 16, 1938

Weegee, Naked City, 1945, pp. 148-149

Shorty, the Bowery cherub, welcomed the New Year… Sophisticated Lady

“So Long, Shorty”; Erskine Hawkins (The Twentieth Century Gabriel) and his Orchestra; Ida James; Wilbur “Shorty” Bascomb; Livingston; Symes; Neiburg; Bluebird (B-11485-B); 1941

Barth, Miles, Weegee’s World, New York: Bullfinch Press, 1997, p.139

Shorty, the Bowery Cherub, New Years Eve at Sammy’s Bar, 1943

“So Long, Shorty (You’ve Got a Long Way to Go)”; Una Mae Carlisle; Barney Young; Bluebird (B-11507-B); Publication date: February 13, 1942

Weegee, Naked City, 1945, p. 148

Shorty, the Bowery cherub, welcomed the New Year…

“Shorty’s Got to Go”; Bill Johnson and his Musical Notes; Bill Johnson; Lucky Millinder; RCA Victor (20-2225-B); 1947

Weegee, Naked City, Cincinnati, Ohio: Zebra Picture Books, 1948

Shorty, the Bowery cherub, welcomes the New Year…

“Shorty George Blues”; Sippie Wallace; Eddie Heywood; Geo. W. Thomas; H. Thomas; Okeh (8106-A); Publication date: October 26, 1923

“Sherry Lynn Flip,” by Slam Stewart Trio; Errol Garner; Stewart; Harold West; Publication date: September 7, 1945

Daily Argus, September 7, 1945

…”Naked City,” by Arthur Fellig, is a collection of satiric photographs, showing a cross-section of life in New York…”

“…held on display for one week at the Public Library so that readers may have an opportunity to examine them before they are circulated.”
Daily Argus, September 7, 1945, p.4

“Blue, Brown, and Beige,” by Slam Stewart Trio; Errol Garner; Stewart; Harold West; Publication date: September 7, 1945