November, 1955
“Trick mirrors? Uh-uh!
Plastic surgery on your favorite stars? Nope!
Seeing things? You certainly are!”

“When this guy takes Hollywood apart (and he’s been doing it for years), the movie capital rarely looks the same. So here, for your enjoyment, is a festive Halloween guessing game…
Can you identify the people on these four pages?
Some are easy, but some are tricky. So watch out!
Have fun! And don’t let Weegee fool you!”

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A group of black and white negatives and contact sheets of Weegee (Arthur Fellig) taken by Joseph Jasgur, 1949–1950. Images include Weegee at home, at the 1949 Academy Awards, with females, and at various locations in Hollywood. Copyrights to the negatives will be transferred to the winning bidder. Negatives, 5 by 4 inches

Notes on copyrights and print dates:

The winning bidder of each lot containing copyrights will receive a document from The Estate of Joseph Jasgur and the bankruptcy trustee assigning the winning bidder all copyright interests to the image or images included in the specified lot. While the seller confirms that this property is sold with copyright, Julien’s can accept no liability in relation to any matters arising as a result of any imperfection in copyright given. Print dates for photographs vary and are in many cases unclear.”

Sold for: $687.50

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