(1) Fire Engines Coming to A Stop; (2) Fire Engines Pumping; (3) Fire Engines Departing; (4) Fire Engines Passing By; (5) Police Squad Cars with Sirens Coming to A Stop; Major (5004 B); 1960

NYPL, February 4, 2022

“THIRD AVE. and 100 TH. ST.”


New York City – FIRES

FEB – 1945


Photocopy/laser print of a great Weegee photo… housed in the NYPL Picture Collection until it was “formally transferred” to the Library’s Photography Collection in 2020… It’s included in the exhibition: “Taryn Simon // The Color of a Flea’s Eye: The Picture Collection“… “Through May 15, 2022…”

NYPL, February 4, 2022

“A Faded Photograph;” Whispering Jack Smit; Charles Kenny; Nick Kenny; Richard Howard; Decca (3437 B); September 13, 1940

Colorful Birds Eye View of “THIRD AVE. and 100 TH. ST.” in 2021.

“Fire Engine Effects;” Columbia (YB 1)

“Take It Off The ‘E’ String”; Peter Piper and his Orchestra; Cahn; Akst; November 1943

PM, September 10, 1941, p.21

All Out for Weegee

Dear Editor:

Due to popular demand, Weegee’s Exhibit Murder Is My Business will continue to Sept. 13, at the Photo League, 31 E/ 21st St., from 2 to 10 p.m. daily and everybody is welcome.

Here are some comments on Weegee’s show in the comments book:

“Worth the price of admission.” P.S. admission is free.

“I’d rather see Gypsy Rose strip.”

“For people with strong constitutions and weak minds.”

New York

PM, September 10, 1941, p.21

“He’s The Best In The Business”; Terry Timmons; Charles Singleton; Howard Biggs’s Orchestra; RCA Victor (20-5227); 1953

“VOODOO MOON (Enlloro)”; Enric Madriguera and his Orchestra; Tito Rodriguez; Sunshine; Morales; Blanco; Victor (27759-A); Publication date: September 26, 1941


New York Sun, September 26, 1941

“Lets Get Together”; Felix Gross; Felix Gross & his Sextette; Swing Beat (129-B); Publication date: September 26, 1941


New York Sun, September 26, 1941

“Since We Put A Radio Out In The Henhouse”; Hoosier Hot Shots; Finley; Hull; Okeh (06435); Publication date: September 26, 1941


New York Sun, September 26, 1941

The state of Photography, light writing, from the New York Sun, September 26, 1941…

“It Isn’t a Dream Any More”; Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra; Jo Stafford; Charles Newman; Walter G. Samuels; Victor (27710-A); Publication date: September 26, 1941

Entirely irrelevant, new museum news:

The New York Times, September 26, 1922

“Rocks in My Bed”; Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra; Duke Ellington; Ivie Anderson; RCA Victor (27639-A); Publication date: September 26, 1941

“Uncle Josh in a Museum”; Cal Stewart, September 1903

“Smash the Window”; Jolly Tunesmith; Standard (F-14001-A); 1947

“Weegee Warhol Window,” 8/28/2021

“Hanging in The Hock Shop Window”; Kay Lorraine; Harold Grant’s Orchestra; M. Leeds; F. Wise; H. Grant; Standard (T-2097-A)

“EXPERIENCE UNNECESSARY”; Sarah Vaughan; Hugo Peretti And His Orchestra; Shelley; Whitman; Peretti; Creatore; 1955

“Weegee Warhol Window,” 8/28/2021

Weegee in the window, Park Avenue South, beautiful building, five years older than Weegee…

“Window Shopping”; Hank Williams; His Drifting Cowboys; Joseph; MGM (11283-B); 1952

“(How Much Is) That Hound Dog in The Window”; Homer and Jethro; Bob Merrill; RCA Victor (20-5280); March 19, 1953

“Call of The Freaks”; King Oliver and his Orchestra; 1929

Photography By John Adam Knight

MORE MURDER PIX, also fires, accidents and freak shots were demanded by visitors, therefore Arthur (Weegee) Fellig, as shown…, hangs out the sign for a second edition of his fascinating exhibition at the photo League, 31 E. 21st St.

New York Post, September 1941

…the Photo League, 31 E. 21st St., second edition of Weegee’s pictures of night violence… New York. A fascinating…

New York Post, September 1941

“The (New) Call of The Freaks”; Luis Russell and his Orchestra; Luis Russell; Paul Barbarin; Albert Nicholas; J. C. Higginbotham; Henry Allen; Charlie Holmes; Russell; Barbarin; September 9, 1929

The New York Times, September 14, 1941


…The exhibition, “Murder Is My Business,” by Weegee (Arthur Fellig) is being extended at the Photo League, 31 East Twenty-first Srtreet, until Sept. 23. There will be additional examples of the photographer’s work.

“A Good Man Is Hard To Find”; Les Brown and his Orchestra; Butch Stone; Eddie Green; Publication date: September 14, 1941

“Says Who? Says You, Says I!”; Cab Calloway and his Orchestra.; Cab Calloway; Mercer; Arlen; Harding; Publication date: September 10, 1941

Daily Worker, September 10, 1941, p.7

…Weegee’s (Arthur Fellig) exhibition is proving so popular at the Photo League that it is being extended one week to Sept. 23. A new and second edition of the exhibition is now on view at the Photo League Gallery, at 31 E. 21st St. Hours 1 to 10 week days, 2 to 6, Saturdays.
Daily Worker, September 10, 1941, p.7

“Laughing Boy Blues”; Woody Herman And His Orchestra; Woody Herman and The Laughing Boy; Sammy Cahn; Saul Chaplin; Publication date: September 10, 1941

“Woman Laughing (Continuous)”

PM, June 2, 1944 pp. 12-13 (photos by Weegee and Arthur Leipzig)

A Weegee Gets Attention At Museum of Modern Art

The big picture at lower right is the center of attraction in Weegee’s section of the Art in Progress photo exhibition now on view at the Museum of Modern Art. It shows Mrs. George Washington Kavanaugh and Lady Decies outside the Metropolitan Opera House – and the eloquent facial reaction of another woman. The other pictures on this page were snapped by Weegee as visitors to the photo exhibition looked at his pictures. Four out of his five exhibits have appeared in PM. The opera shot got the most laughs. Weegee reports.

Staten Island Girl Scouts Turn Farmerettes

Everybody’s Laughing, Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra; Billie Holiday; Lerner; Oakland, 1938

Art in Progress, May 24 – September 17, 1944.
(Three out of five photos appeared as news items; “I Cried…” was used in a photography column; “The Critic” made its debut in this article…)

Laughing At Life, Billie Holiday, 1940

Weegee, “Installation view of Weegee’s exhibition in Art in Progress, Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1944″ (Weegee’s World, p. 28)

Screenshot of checklist,

Laughing Boogie, Eddie Chamblee and The Band; Chamblee, 1951

Everyone’s Laughing, Clyde McPhatter, Winfield Scott, 1954

Whitney Museum, 2019

[Arshile Gorky (1902-1948), The Artist and His Mother, 1926-c. 1936.] – from

Weegee in the wild…


(Small image file – 300 pixels wide, can’t see the back of the print, good to know that it’s a posthumous print, this may not be accurate: “for PM, a tabloid-style newspaper for which he did occasional freelance work.” – “occasional”?)