A Slight Case of Murder, trailer, 1938

Introducing One Of America’s Ace Columnists: Mark Hellinger

The Roaring Twenties, trailer, 1939

“Today’s headlines tell a harrowing story of a world gone mad…” Mark Hellinger

PM, November 1, p. 12 (Unidentified photographer)

Mark Hellinger

The Naked City, trailer, 1948

“…the story of a live city…”

Mark Hellinger (March 21, 1903 – December 21, 1947)…

“Wee Baby Blues”; Art Tatum And His Band; Joe Turner; Decca (48062 A); January 21, 1941

Unidentified Photographer, ca. 2022 (Screenshot)

“The Gee Gee Walk”; Gone All Stars; Buddy Lucas; Westbrook; Goldner; Gone (Gone 5025); 1958

“Gee Gee Blues”; Vince Di Maggio; Universal (U-125); 1948

“Good Little Woman”; Pee Wee Crayton; Crayton; Taub; Modern Hollywood (20-774B); Publication date: April 1950

1950 Census

As reported on form P-1 of the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of the Census, 1950 Census of Population and Housing:

On April 1, 1950, Arthur Fellig and Margaret Fellig were living at 4 6606 St. Francis Terrace, Los Angeles, California.

Arthur Fellig was the head of the household, a white male, 49 years old, born in Austria, and working 10 hours a week as a Special Effects Man in the Production Department, Motion Pictures.
Margaret Fellig, Arthur’s wife, was a white female, 36 years old, born in Connecticut, and working 50 hours a week as the proprietor of a Laundro-Mat.

(Halfway through the 20th century, an almost 50-year-old and married Weegee, with about fifteen years of life left to live, was living and working in Hollywood…)

“The Sun Is Shining”; Joe Turner; J. Turner; Bayou (015); Publication date: April 1950

…I used Eastman SUPER-XX FILM PACKS… that way I didn’t have to carry any holders…So, CAMERA CLUBS drop me a line to: 6606 St. Francis Terrace, Hollywood 28, California, and you’ll see and meet me in person… my cigar…
Popular Photography, 1949

Popular Photography, 1949

“I’m Kissing Your Picture Counting Tears”; Hawkshaw Hawkins; Stallard; Crenshaw; Cook; King (821-A); 1949

From the U.S. National Archives:

Welcome to the Official
1950 Census Website

The 1950 census records were released by the U.S. National Archives on April 1, 2022. This website provides full access to the 1950 census images, including population schedules, enumeration district maps, and enumeration district descriptions.
1950 Census.

“Dedicating the Blues”; Pee Wee Crayton and His Guitar; Pee Wee Crayton; Crayton; Taub; Modern Hollywood (20-774A); Publication date: April 1950.

“STOP THE WAR (The Cats Are Killin’ Themselves)”; Wingie Manone and his Orchestra; Wingie Manone; George Brunis; Joe Marsala; Mel Powell; Carmen Mastren; Al Morgan; Zutty Singleton; Bluebird (B-11107-A); Publication date: March 19, 1941

Unidentified Photographer, Weegee, Weegee by Weegee, 1961

Weegee, Weegee by Weegee, 1961, pp. 8-9

…Father kept on working. By this time, he had decided that he could do better as his own boss with a pushcart. When the second shipment of money came to Zlothev, it was OK, and the five of us, Mother, my three brothers and Weegee, could leave by first-class steerage…

Weegee, Weegee by Weegee, 1961, pp. 8-9

“STOP THE WAR”; The Macedonians; Amos; McDaniel; Octive (707-A)

Zolochiv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

Screenshot, The New York Times, March 17, 2022

A protester storms a live broadcast on Russia’s most-watched news show, yelling, ‘Stop the war!’

The New York Times, March 14, 2022

“STOP THE WAR (The Cats Are Killin’ Themselves)”; Wingie Manone and his Orchestra; Wingie Manone; George Brunis; Joe Marsala; Mel Powell; Carmen Mastren; Al Morgan; Zutty Singleton; Bluebird (B-11107-A); Publication date: March 19, 1941

(1) Fire Engines Coming to A Stop; (2) Fire Engines Pumping; (3) Fire Engines Departing; (4) Fire Engines Passing By; (5) Police Squad Cars with Sirens Coming to A Stop; Major (5004 B); 1960

NYPL, February 4, 2022

“THIRD AVE. and 100 TH. ST.”


New York City – FIRES

FEB – 1945


Photocopy/laser print of a great Weegee photo… housed in the NYPL Picture Collection until it was “formally transferred” to the Library’s Photography Collection in 2020… It’s included in the exhibition: “Taryn Simon // The Color of a Flea’s Eye: The Picture Collection“… “Through May 15, 2022…”

NYPL, February 4, 2022

“A Faded Photograph;” Whispering Jack Smit; Charles Kenny; Nick Kenny; Richard Howard; Decca (3437 B); September 13, 1940

Colorful Birds Eye View of “THIRD AVE. and 100 TH. ST.” in 2021.

“Fire Engine Effects;” Columbia (YB 1)

“Planes”; Major (5051 B); 1960

The New York Times, December 7, 1941


135 Detectives Hunt for Killer in Upper East Side Area to Which He Fled in Cab


Victim Was on Way Home at 4:30 A.M. When He Met Group Believed Bent on Hold-Up

“Air Raid Sirens”; Major (4023 A); 1960

Brooklyn Eagle, December 6, 1941


Cab Driver Sees Killing As Policeman Halts Trio, Starts to Identify Himself

“Air Raid”; Major (5026 A); 1960

PM, December 7, 1941

Gunmen murdered Patrolman Thomas J. Casey…

(Spoiler alert: On January 22, 1943 Frank Castellano, 26, was “electrocuted in Sing Sing prison” for the murder of Thomas J. Casey…)

Castellano looked straight ahead as he entered the death chamber. In the electric chair he leaned over to silently kiss the crucifix held by Father Martin. He said nothing from the time he entered the chamber until he was dead.

Brooklyn Eagle, January 22, 1943

“Explosions”; Major (5033 B); 1960

“Dreamsville, Ohio”; Charlie Spivak and his Orch.; Jean Hutton; Lee; Rinker; Freeland; Okeh (6518); Publication date: November 24 1941

“Newspaper Boy Blues”; Tiny Bradshaw; Little Tiny Kennedy; Bradshaw; Kennedy; King (4537-A);l February 27, 1952

The Newspaper That Can and Dares To Tell the Truth!

Read PM Everyday…

PM, November 24 1941, p. 5

“Tell the Truth”; The “5” Royales; Lawman Pauling; King (5141); 1958

…the newspaper division of the New York Public Library…

PM, November 24 1941, p. 14

“Get Your Paper (The Newspaper Song)”; Eddie Fisher; Hugo Winterhalter and his Orchestra; Jerry Ross; RCA Victor (20-4100-B);1951

PM, November 24 1941, p. 22

Clifford Burdette: African-American Radio Pioneer” on WNYC.ORG

“News Effects”; Major (5038 A); 1960

The Real Macumba…

PM, November 24 1941, p. 23

“She Brought Life Back to the Dead”; “Sonny Boy” Williamson and His House Rockers; W. Williamson; Trumpet (No. 215); December 4, 1951

PM, November 24 1941, pp. 12-13

“As Long As You Live (You’ll Be Dead If You Die)”; Mildred Bailey and her Orchestra; Mildred Bailey; Mercer; Hanighen; Vocalion (4253); June 29, 1938

PM, November 24 1941, p. 13

Cop Kills Holdup Man:

A few minutes after he held up an Essex Street lunchroom on the Lower East Side and shot a patron, Vincent Mannuzza, 31, was lying dead at the feet of the cop who shot him. Patrolman Laurence Cramer, right, shot and killed Mannuzza after a two-block chase and is shown handing the gunman’s revolver to Sgt. Eugene Morland. The $20 loot taken from the restaurant lies in Mannuzza’s hat at his side. An ambulance surgeon crouches over the dead man who was shot in the head and back. Mannuzza shot a customer, Adam Zayko, 50, when he refused to go into the back room with two other customers and the manager of the lunchroom.
PM Photo by Weegee

PM, November 24 1941, p. 13

“Dead Man’s Blues”; Scat Man Crothers; Riff Charles And Friends; Vic Dickenson; Riff Charles; Capitol (15076); 1948

“Dead Broke”; The Du Droppers; Emma Pratt; Jesse Stone; Groove (G-0001); 1954

“As Long as You Live You’ll Be Dead If You Die”; Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra; Louis Armstrong; Bernie Hanighen; Johnny Mercer; Decca (2230 A); May 13, 1938


Thousands Awed as Gunman Fires Wildly at Pursuers in Crowded Delancey Street


Critically Wounded When He Blocks Doorway as Thug Flees After Hold-Up

The New York Times, November 24 1941

“Minnie the Moocher Is Dead”; Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra; Dandridge Sisters; Edwin Wilcox; James Crawford; Moses Allen; Al Norris; Willie Smith; Joe Thomas; Ted Buchner; Earl Carruthers; Dan Grisson; Gerald Wilson; Paul Webster; Snookie Young; Elmer Crubley; James Young; Russell Bowles; Musgrove; Taylor; Segure; Columbia (35700); June 19, 1940

Weegee, Naked City, 1945, pp. 82-83

There was a good double feature at the Loew’s Delancey Street on Sunday, November 23, 1941. At 8:45 PM, for 39 cents [7 bucks today], you could have seen this double feature, (neither were were gangster films):

Tanks a Million
(1941): “It was the first of Hal Roach’s Streamliners, short films under an hour designed for the lower half of a double feature.” (Wikipedia)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941): “American horror film starring” Lana Turner, Ingrid Bergman, and Spencer Tracy. (Wikipedia)

PM, November 23, 1941

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde trailer

“…good and evil are so close as to be chained together at the soul…”

“Your Eyes Have Never Seen Entertainment So Graphically Filmed.”

“You Must See It To Believe It!”

“Newspaper Headlines”; Formerly Star & Garter; Whiz (Emp 22)

The Cop Kills Holdup Man story was widely published, photo-free, on November 24, 1941, here are selected newspaper headlines (and a book caption):

Cop Kills Holdup Man (PM)

Crime And Punishment (Naked City)

Delancey St. Battle Ends In Death (Knickerbocker News)

Ex-Convict Slain In $9 Holdup Of New York Diner (Troy)

Ex-convict Shot Down after Chase (Niagara Falls)

Exconvict Killed, Diner Patron Shot in East Side Holdup (Syracuse)

Just Out Of Prison Thug Is Shot Dead In a Street Battle (Daily News)

New York Police Chase, Slay Convict (Herald Statesman)

Police Kill Ex-Convict (Ossining)

Policeman Kill Bandit In Battle (New York Times)

Robber Slain, Diner Wounded (Rochester)

“OUT TO LUNCH”; Coleman Hawkins; Walter Thomas Orchestra; Walter Thomas; Hilton Jefferson; Cozy” Cole; Clyde Hart; Milton Hinton; Jonah Jones; Eddie Barefield; Davis (DA-10-6), 1945