PM, August 31, 1941, p. 18

Holiday Accidents took their toll as motorists started their Labor Day week end. Early yesterday Joseph Morris and his brother’s wife, Charlotte were killed when this car overturned in Bronx Park. The driver, Anthony Morris, Navy purchasing agent, was injured. Three other auto deaths had been listed last night; the Motor Vehicle Bureau says about 40 will die before Tuesday in New York State.”

PM, August 31, 1941 (photo by Martin Harris)

Union Members vacationing…Vivian Cherry…”

PM, 1944, p. 13 (photo by John De Biase)

Here’s the Labor Day Rush at the Holland Tunnel
Our photographer waited around at the Holland Tunnel yesterday to get the Labor Day traffic…”

PM, 1944 (photo by Stanley Kubrick)

Bronx Motorists Strike Oil
Bogart’s Service Station at 164th St. and Jerome Ave. he Bronx, was a Labor Day rarity – it had gasoline to sell. At 10 a.m. yesterday cars were lined up there for more than a block.”

PM, September 3, 1947, p. 13 (photos by Irving Haberman)

Harlem Crowds Turn Out For West Indies Day…

PM, July 9, 1947

“Reports of flying saucers have been received from all 48 states, D.C., Canada and Mexico…”
“Orville Wright, 75, co-inventor of the aeroplane, said the flying saucer craze was ‘propaganda dished up by the Government to support the curent Sate Dept. campaign to get us into another war.'”
PM, July 9, 1947, p.5




“You are bidding on a guaranteed authentic 4X5 original negative as shown- This negative is from the PM New York City Daily News between 1940 – 1948.”

Images and words, above, copied from ebay.

Sold for $415.00

The seller will even sell you a print (8×10 – 24×36) of the negative, and for $35 send you a CD of the “Photoshopped” image “that you can use for your reproductions.”

And the photographer was?

“Weegee Tries His Hand with the Flickers.” Perhaps a slight variant image was published on February 1947…

Unidentified Photographer…
As Spring comes to the California mountains, lovely Goldwyn girl Ruth Vlamy is first to test the swimming pool at rustic Arrowhead Springs. Well, it looks warm enough to us!”

(Not Weegee, but not bad…)