PM, February 23, 1941

“America Discovers Its Own Musical Culture,” by Henry Simon. Photo by Sid Grossman: “Emma Dusenberry and Waldemar Hill,” 1939.
“Plain People, Caught Off Guard, Make Good Pictures,” by Ralph Steiner, photos by Fred Gund and Lou Stoumen.
“This Is How Youngsters React to Saturday Movies… ‘Dr. Maniac Was the Main Feature Seen by This Audience,” photos by Paten-Davis.


PM, February 21, 1941

“Court reports say the Esposito brothers, who set Fifth Avenue into a murderous uproar last month, killing two men and wounding two others, are feigning insanity at Bellevue Hospital. When psychiatrists are present, the two murders go off into a variety of fits but when no one but nurses are around the two prisoners are gallant, talkative and otherwise quite sane…”

PM, February 20, 1941

Feast of the Bums
by Ben Hecht

“It’s a dirty day around Houston Street and Bowery. The wind’s blowing. The cold takes a bite out of you. There’s a stale smell in the air as if something were dead…”