The New York Times, March 6, 1896

The New Public Bath

To Be Erected in the Neighborhood of Tompkins Square

W.H. Tolman Talks of the Plans

Will Be a Beautiful Building, Probably of White Marble, After the Design of the People’s Bath

The work on the new public baths in the city, for which money has just been appropriated… can be begun at once. The plans for the baths are now ready. They were made by the architects who designed the building for the successful People’s Baths at 9 Centre Market Place, controlled by the Associated for the Improving the Condition of the Poor…

…Baths in the basement are for the men whose condition is such that is is not thought best to put them in the regular baths…

…The figures shown at the People’s Baths prove conclusively that such institutions are needed. In the year ending with September, 1895, 88.735 baths were taken…

The whole place is delightfully clean and attractive. The most fastidious could not object to a bath in such a place. Soap, towel, and use of a bath are given for 5 cents. The women have towels a little lighter in quality than those of the men. All the towels are put in disinfectants as soon as soiled, and later are carefully washed by steam power…”

(In January 1913, 5 cents had the same buying power as $1.28 in January 2019…)
(In January 1913, $1 had the same buying power as $25.68 in January 2019…)

“Stooge for Bund Leader Guards Our Waterfront”, by Gene De Poris, PM, March 3, 1942, p. 5, (photos by Leo Lieb, Weegee)

PM, March 3, 1942, pp. 5, 16-17

5 by Hurrell
Steiner Picks Hollywood Glamor Man’s Best Work

Sumptuously Sexy… Bette Davis… a dramatic actress with fire in her veins…
Unique Personality of a Dietrich…
Pools of Mysterious Black… Now editors demand dark pictures, say they’re his trademark. This is Conchita Montenegro.
The Woman everyman showers with… Ann Sheridan…
Sex and Glamor… dancer Zorina… to capture a feeling of soaring into space.

“George Hurrell is the top glamor photographer in Hollywood. He has lived two success stories…

Hurrell chose a middle corse. He decided against the daily grind and also against life in a garret… He didn’t consider glamor pictures world-shakingly inportant, but they were the thing he did best. It was work he could have fun at if he could be his own boss.

Hurrell quit and moved into his own studio, kept overhead low by doing most of the work himself. Now he makes fewer but better picture; earns plenty; takes time off. He’s a happy man. That’s Hurrell’s second success story. – Ralph Steiner.” PM, March 3, 1942, pp. 16-17

PM, February 24, 1941, p. 20

Weegee Meets Interesting People At a 6 a.m. Sunday Fire
“Cruising around Times Square at 6 a.m. Sunday with the police radio on in my car…”

PM, February 25, 1941, pp. 12-13 (photos by Max Coplan)

Mrs. Gargantua the Great… A Picture Profile

PM, June 17, 1941 (pages 1, 4, 8, 10, 11, 15, 19)

Nazi’s in New York, spying on New York harbor, “What the Mayor Did Yesterday,” “No Witch-Hunting…”… (photos by Morris Gordon, John DeBiase. Ray Platnick, etc…)


PM, May 19, 1941, pages 1, 5, 9, 12

“7 Pages: Are Prices Going Up?”

“U.S.A. Is Warned…”

Ten Firemen Overcome in Washington Market Blaze
“Joe Balierwalter was just one of 10 firemen overcome while fighting a smoky blaze in the heart of Washington Market early today. The fire started in the basement of a three-story brick building occupied by Kraemer & Klie, banana dealers, at 373 Washington St. The firemen had a tough enough time getting their apparatus past the numerous trucks and drays that clog the market. But when they got into the cellar, they dropped like flies as 400 crates of bananas, wrapped in wet straw and burlap, threw off carbon monoxide gas. All the firemen were revived. PM Photo by Weegee.

Ickes Calls for All-Out Aid in Talk to City’s Biggest Crowd
“…Secretary of the Interior, was cheered by the largest audience ever assembled in New York when he called for all-out aid to Britain in the fight to save democracy…”
I Am an American Program Drew 750,000 to Central Park Mall.”
“Mayor LaGuardia wielded the baton.”
Photos by Gene Badger, PM