“All Out for Weegee”

“Take It Off The ‘E’ String”; Peter Piper and his Orchestra; Cahn; Akst; November 1943

PM, September 10, 1941, p.21

All Out for Weegee

Dear Editor:

Due to popular demand, Weegee’s Exhibit Murder Is My Business will continue to Sept. 13, at the Photo League, 31 E/ 21st St., from 2 to 10 p.m. daily and everybody is welcome.

Here are some comments on Weegee’s show in the comments book:

“Worth the price of admission.” P.S. admission is free.

“I’d rather see Gypsy Rose strip.”

“For people with strong constitutions and weak minds.”

New York

PM, September 10, 1941, p.21

“He’s The Best In The Business”; Terry Timmons; Charles Singleton; Howard Biggs’s Orchestra; RCA Victor (20-5227); 1953

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