“Irving (‘Puggy’) Feinstein is…”

“Life Is but a Dream”; THE HARPTONES; WILLIE WINIFIELD; Cita; Paradise (P-101-A); 1955

Life, September 30, 1940 (Weegee, [Weegee and Puggy], September 1939, “N.Y. Daily News – Acme, Int.”)

Irving (“Puggy”) Feinstein is the charred corpse under the carpet in the picture above…
Life, September 30, 1940

“Life Is a Beautiful Thing”; Evelyn Knight; Perry Botkin And The Rhythmaires; Jay Livingston; Ray Evans; Decca (27874); 1951

“Life Can Be Beautiful”; Harry James and his Orchestra; Marion Morgan; Adamson; McHugh; Columbia (37156); 1946

“Life Is a Wonderful Thing”; Sophie Tucker; Maurada; Montgomery; Shapiro; Mercury (5901); 1952

“Life Is Fine”; JIMMIE LUNCEFORD And His Orchestra; James Young; Decca (4289 A); December 22, 1941

The New York Times, September 17, 1940

“Life Is So Peculiar”; LOUIS ARMSTRONG and LOUIS JORDAN And His Tympany Five; James Van Heusen; Johnny Burke; Decca (27212); 1950

Life, September 30, 1940

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“Laughing At Life”; BILLIE HOLIDAY; N. & C. Kenny; C. & B. Todd; Okeh (5719); 1940

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