Weegee Warhol Window

“Uncle Josh in a Museum”; Cal Stewart, September 1903

“Smash the Window”; Jolly Tunesmith; Standard (F-14001-A); 1947

“Weegee Warhol Window,” 8/28/2021

“Hanging in The Hock Shop Window”; Kay Lorraine; Harold Grant’s Orchestra; M. Leeds; F. Wise; H. Grant; Standard (T-2097-A)

“EXPERIENCE UNNECESSARY”; Sarah Vaughan; Hugo Peretti And His Orchestra; Shelley; Whitman; Peretti; Creatore; 1955

“Weegee Warhol Window,” 8/28/2021

Weegee in the window, Park Avenue South, beautiful building, five years older than Weegee…

“Window Shopping”; Hank Williams; His Drifting Cowboys; Joseph; MGM (11283-B); 1952

“(How Much Is) That Hound Dog in The Window”; Homer and Jethro; Bob Merrill; RCA Victor (20-5280); March 19, 1953

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