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“Uncle Josh in a Museum”; Cal Stewart, September 1903

“Smash the Window”; Jolly Tunesmith; Standard (F-14001-A); 1947

“Weegee Warhol Window,” 8/28/2021

“Hanging in The Hock Shop Window”; Kay Lorraine; Harold Grant’s Orchestra; M. Leeds; F. Wise; H. Grant; Standard (T-2097-A)

“EXPERIENCE UNNECESSARY”; Sarah Vaughan; Hugo Peretti And His Orchestra; Shelley; Whitman; Peretti; Creatore; 1955

“Weegee Warhol Window,” 8/28/2021

Weegee in the window, Park Avenue South, beautiful building, five years older than Weegee…

“Window Shopping”; Hank Williams; His Drifting Cowboys; Joseph; MGM (11283-B); 1952

“(How Much Is) That Hound Dog in The Window”; Homer and Jethro; Bob Merrill; RCA Victor (20-5280); March 19, 1953

MoMA, “From the Picture Press,” 1973 (with arrows pointing to the Weegee photos)

Installation views from

“From the Picture Press” January 30-April 29, 1973, at MoMA.

“‘From the Picture Press’ an exhibition of over 225 photographs selected from newspaper files of the past five decades.” (Press release, January, 1973)

Divided into seven sections: “ceremonies, winners, losers, good news, alarums [alarms] and conundrums, confrontations and disasters.”

The previous (November 7, 1972 – January 21, 1973) photo exhibition was of course: “Diane Arbus.”
For more info (installation views, checklist, three press releases, or two and one wall label) on Arbus exhibition:

For more info on “From the Picture Press”:

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Art in Progress: 15th Anniversary Exhibitions: Photography
May 24–September 17, 1944
Weegee at MoMA, in NYC.

“FELLIG, Arthur (Weegee). American, born Austria 1900.
Brooklyn School Children See Gambler Murdered in Street. (225.42)
Oct. 8, 1941. Given anonymously.
*Tenement Fire, Brooklyn. Dec.14,1939. ILL. p.158. (96.43)
My Man, N.Y.C. 1941. (95.43)
Woman Shot from Can[n]on, N.Y.C. 1943. (696.43)
Above 3 prints Purchase Fund.
Opening Night at the Opera, N.Y.C.1944. Given anonymously.

All info and images from

Two years in a row: 1943, 1944 at MoMA, in NYC…

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New York Review of Books:

Raunchy, Raucous Coney Island
By J. Hoberman

…Its subject is the mental construct “Coney Island”—an illusion filtered through such earthy sensibilities as the tabloid photographer Weegee, the American scene painter Reginald Marsh, or the anonymous artisans who created the banners and signage for Coney’s attractions.

Coney Island peaked as a people’s playground during World War II and began its slow decline when the largest of the amusement areas, Luna Park, burned to the ground in the summer of 1944. Although Weegee’s stunning news photo of the ruins, showing two forlorn painted hearts above a lone fireman in a sea of wreckage, gets smaller play than it might, the image of absolute devastation haunts the exhibition’s final section…

Weegee and Morris Engel, his sometime colleague at the leftwing tabloid PM, are the show’s best-represented photographers…

… and the photos Weegee took of the World War II–era Coney Island crowd from a vantage point on the Steeplechase Pier…



Weegee, ca. 1943
Screen shots from Guardian website

“Stolen kisses and naughty naps: Weegee goes to the movies – in pictures”
“He may be known as the best ambulance-chaser of the 30s and 40s, but Weegee didn’t only shoot crime scenes. He also drifted into the darkness and candidly captured cinema-goers in New York: gangs of giggling kids, sombre popcorn eaters and lovers in the back row.
See a selection at Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas in New York until 13 June, 2015”
From Guardian website

Great exhibition of some of Weegee’s photos (modern digital prints) made in movie theaters in the early 1940s.

“Saturday afternoon show for the youngsters at Loews Commodore Theater on Second Avenue… [105 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10003… Fillmore East, etc. according to Cinema Treasures)… Some of the kids brought their lunch… lolly pops… and one fellow even brought a toy pistol… I took pictures in the dark with infra-red rays so that I wouldn’t disturb anyone…”
Weegee’s People, chapter 6.

Semi-secret and esoteric exhibition in NYC, on 23d St., near the Chelsea Hotel…

Location of exhibition, 23d St.

Google Street View of 105 Second Ave., NYC

New Yorker, Oct. 27, 2014
“Weegee steals it with a mysterious, nearly impenetrably inky picture of men warming their hands at a fire in an oil drum…”
Fellig the Zelig is the highlight of an experimental, abstract photography exhibition…
(Keith De Lellis Gallery, “Experiments in Abstraction,” Sept 18 – Nov 8, 2014)

April 11, 2014

(Great Google translation)

“The eye scoundrel Weegee”

“It is always a pleasure to find Weegee, the night owl who photographed crimes and settling of accounts, suicides and bastons in New York of the 1930s and 1940s. His keen eye did fly, as its black humor : letters and signs in the city manage to drag in the image blink of an eye the macabre corpse that just to cool .
Gallery Blue sky in Lyon , favored in the collection of Michel and Michèle Auer, images that show Weegee, paparazzi and see , was also a portraitist – especially with an amazing series of photos prostitutes, gangsters or Mafia … taken in the paddy wagon.”

“Weegee the Famous. Black photography” on gallery Blue sky, 12, rue des Whimsical, Lyon 1. Tel. : 04-72-07-84-31. Until June 21

Screen shot from Le