Pass the popcorn please…



Weegee, ca. 1943
Screen shots from Guardian website

“Stolen kisses and naughty naps: Weegee goes to the movies – in pictures”
“He may be known as the best ambulance-chaser of the 30s and 40s, but Weegee didn’t only shoot crime scenes. He also drifted into the darkness and candidly captured cinema-goers in New York: gangs of giggling kids, sombre popcorn eaters and lovers in the back row.
See a selection at Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas in New York until 13 June, 2015”
From Guardian website

Great exhibition of some of Weegee’s photos (modern digital prints) made in movie theaters in the early 1940s.

“Saturday afternoon show for the youngsters at Loews Commodore Theater on Second Avenue… [105 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10003… Fillmore East, etc. according to Cinema Treasures)… Some of the kids brought their lunch… lolly pops… and one fellow even brought a toy pistol… I took pictures in the dark with infra-red rays so that I wouldn’t disturb anyone…”
Weegee’s People, chapter 6.

Semi-secret and esoteric exhibition in NYC, on 23d St., near the Chelsea Hotel…

Location of exhibition, 23d St.

Google Street View of 105 Second Ave., NYC

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