“Call of The Freaks”; King Oliver and his Orchestra; 1929

Photography By John Adam Knight

MORE MURDER PIX, also fires, accidents and freak shots were demanded by visitors, therefore Arthur (Weegee) Fellig, as shown…, hangs out the sign for a second edition of his fascinating exhibition at the photo League, 31 E. 21st St.

New York Post, September 1941

…the Photo League, 31 E. 21st St., second edition of Weegee’s pictures of night violence… New York. A fascinating…

New York Post, September 1941

“The (New) Call of The Freaks”; Luis Russell and his Orchestra; Luis Russell; Paul Barbarin; Albert Nicholas; J. C. Higginbotham; Henry Allen; Charlie Holmes; Russell; Barbarin; September 9, 1929

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