A hot time was had by all…

Don Freeman’s Newsstand takes in Eddie Condon’s New Bandstand
In the groove on opening night – 47 West 3d St. Cast of characters seen below – Brad Gowan on Valve Trombone; Wild Bill Davison, Trumpet; Bud Freeman, Sax; Joe Marsala, Clarinet; Eddie Condon, Guitar; Dave Tough, Drums; And in front of the stand, flashing away with cameras – Gjon Mili, Lisette, and Weegee on the Speed Graphic – a hot time was had by all-
In foreground – Maggie Gowan (Brad’s wife) sitting with friend Eddie Edwards – known as Daddy Edwards of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, and creator of “Tiger Rag” and other classics.

PM Daily, January 6, 1946

Great Don Freeman website is here…

(Love the amazingly perceptive thought: “Weegee on the Speed Graphic.”)

This is the first of a series that will explore Weegee and music…

  1. Roy said:

    Great to see my father's NEWSSTAND here

  2. Thank you for writing! Your father's Newsstands were amazing! Great art in a great newspaper…

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