Weegee Weegee… Tell me do…

Wee Gee
Words by William Jerome
Music by Harry Von Tilzer

There is a game played by nearly every family. Seems to be the thing. Rich and poor folks play this little game to see what future days may bring.
Right across the hall from me… there lives a girlie dear. And when her girl friends call each night… Why this is what I hear?
Wee Gee, Wee Gee tell me do… Tell me if my loving baby loves me true… Tell me quick and tell me fast is our love too pure and good to really last…
Oh Wee Gee, Wee Gee you know me… I will never tell him don’t you see?
Once he used to bring me candy by the box… Now he only calls to have me darn his socks… Is he true, the sly old fox…
Tell me Wee Gee do… do…

This little board is the ruler of the nation now. Some game talk of fun. Right in your own home settles any little row most every home has one.
Old maids love it most to death and play it night and day. And one maid laughed and lost her breath. When she heard one girl say.
Wee Gee Wee Gee tell me do… Are the men who marry girlies always true? Should the supper table wait for the ones who really love to come home late…
Oh Wee Gee Wee Gee should I swear.. If up on his coat I found a hair? If your husband talking in his sleep says “Pearl… Does it mean a present or some other girl.. Is it girl or is it Pearl?
Tell me Wee Gee do… do…

Entirely irrelevant… (not a song about President Hoover’s pooch: “President Hoover was so pleased with his first elkhound Weegee, that it was decided to get two more elkhound pups. The White House phoned the office of the gentleman in N. Y. who had supplied the first one…” – New Yorker…)

to be continued…

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