Weegee visits Jersey City…

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PM Daily, April 27, 1942

1. Four people died and 260 were injured when New York-bound Hudson-Manhattan train from Newark jumped rails at 10:50 last night in Jersey City Exchange Pl. Station/ First two cars of train telescoped, left; third car landed on platform. Cause of the crash had not been determined early today. The motorman was arrested on a manslaughter charge.

2. Firemen dig into rammed cars. They used acetylene torch to free 13-year-old Negro child in one car. The child was taken to hospital with more than 200 injured people.

3. Inside of car shown at right in first photo looked like this. Hats, packages, other articles carried by passengers were strewn around. This car, third in train, was first to jump track. Andrew Sabol, of Brooklyn, a passenger said: “As the train came into the station it began lurching from side to side. Then it stopped. Lights went out…”

4. After it came to rest, first car of train titled at angle. Service on busy Newark-New York City line was held up for hours. Crash cut telephone cables, disrupting service for 275,000 phones in Staten Island, Jersey City and Newark.
PM Daily, April 27, 1942

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