"…She sings very loud, but good."

Photo from PM Daily, April 16, 1944
Audio from Sammy’s Bowery Follies ca. 1955

“Dora,” Weegee says, “is a singer of sentimental songs at Sammy’s. She sings very loud, but good.” PM Daily, April 16, 1944

Weegee says that one evening while I was at Sammy’s absorbing the atmosphere and drinks, a midget walked in. He was about three and one-half feet in height. I invited him to have a drink with me. He said he just arrived from Los Angeles where he had been working for the Brown & Williams Tobacco Corp., walking the streets dressed as a penguin advertising there Kool cigarettes. The midget was flush and started buying me drinks. He proudly showed me his social security card and told me that he was 37 years old, and single, as the girls were only after money. After the seventh round of drinks this midget got boisterous and offered to fight any man (his size) in the house.”
PM Daily, April 16, 1944

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