Weegee Daily… February 18, 1941… Two-Alarm Fire…

PM Daily, February 18, 1941, p.2
Two-Alarm Fire at Greene and E. Third Sts., New York last night smoked up the street (left) so that even newspaper men were coughing… Spot (above), Dalmation coach dog that goes to all the fires with Hook and Ladder Co. 20, went to Greene St. He got so cold and wet that a Holmes patrolman wrapped him in a blanket and reporters took him home. The fire was in a paper bag company on the third floor.
by Weegee and Steve Derry, PM

Weegee Daily, February 18, 2013
Twenty Degree Weather at Greene and Fourth Sts., New York froze up the street, so that even photographers were freezing. NYU Business School (above) illustrates how NYU has taken over (parts of) NYC… Wee could be wrong about this location, but it appears that NYU has taken over Greene and Third Sts…
Photos by Ceegee, WD


Weegee Daily Map!

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