Recent Auctions… Weegee or Not Weegee… on EBay…

Speaking of smelling fishy… more photos on eBay from photoshoot2012 allegedly by Weegee:

“Weegee Original Photographs 1940’s “His personal photo ” Row your boat ..”
Unsold. Asking price $75.00 (April 21, 2013)

“Weegee Original Photographs 1940’s ” Skiing”
Asking price: US $65.00 (The skiing photo was for sale at least six times in April – May, 2013)

Hey! The back of that photo looks familiar… of course, it’s the same as this one, the “Men in Uniform”:
not-weegee-4c copy

Again: It’s often difficult to extract accurate information from an eBay listing, (especially listings as inarticulate and confusing as these), nevertheless, based on very little information and a few JPEGs, I think these are definitely not photos made by Weegee…

Something smells fishy…

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