Weegee Daily… May 7, 1944… Weegee Meets a Great Man…

PM Daily, May 7, 1944
Weegee meets a great man.
“Weegee brought in a photograph of an old man sitting on a cot, his hands in his lap. Weegee is the cigar-smoking, crime, fire, and seamy-side-of-life photographer who lives across the street from police headquarters and does his best work from midnight on.
“This is Stieglitz, Alfred Stieglitz,” said Weegee…
Stieglitz invited Weegee to his gallery. But first they stopped at a druggist’s, where the aged photographer left a prescription. Then they walked up to 509 Madison Ave. and took an elevator to the 17th floor…
“Stieglitz pointed to a phone near his cot. It never rings, he said. I have been deserted…
“He was a failure, he told me,”…
…and he never used the products of Eastman Kodak because of their slogan You push a button. We’ll do the rest.
…And I left quietly and shut the the glass door with the words painted on it, AN AMERICAN PLACE.
“It doesn’t seem right that such a great artist should have such a little reward,” said Weegee.

Weegee Daily, May 7, 2013
Ceegee does not meet a great person.
Ceegee, an old man, opened a JPEG of a photograph of a newspaper that contained a photograph of an old man sitting on a cot…”


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