In our opinion, this is photo was not made by Weegee…

Speaking of Weegee photos on ebay…


From the ebay listing:
“Weegee 1930’s/40’s Framed & stamped”
“Weegee stamped
photo is 4 x5 framed with black
velvet matting ..Nyc building ..Rare..”
US $159.99

Of course the listing doesn’t say that the photographer who made the photo is Weegee.
It is probably framed and stamped.
It was probably made in the 50s or 60s.
There is a Weegee stamp…
It could be made in NYC… It is probably rare, even unique…

The listing is more-or-less accurate, but too misleading, the implication is that the photographer is Weegee.

In our opinion, this photo was not made by Weegee…

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