Hugo Montenegro, Ellington Fantasy, Vik, LX-1106, (Photo: Weegee) “Recorded at Webster Hall, New York City, July 23, 25 and 31, 1957.”

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Biographical sketch: “Conductors and Composers of Popular Orchestral Music”

Conductors and Composers of Popular Orchestral Music: A Biographical and Discographical Sourcebook, by RMusiker and NMusiker, 1998

Billboard, May 26, 1958

Selected discography, from visit montenegro(dot)com:
Loves of My Life, 1957
Hugo Montenegro, Ellington Fantasy, Vik LP
Velvet Violins, Lush and Lovely, Movietone MTS 2008
Bongs and Brass, Time Series 2000 S/2014
Cha Chas for Dancing, Time Series 2000 S/2018
Boogie Woogie Bongos, Time Series 2000 S/2020
Country and Western, Time S/2071
Bold Brass Broadway, Time S/2139
Black Velvet, Time S/2196
Montenegro Magic (2 LP set), Mainstream SOBO 91646
In a Sentimental Mood, RCA Camden CAS-729
Hurry Sundown, RCA Victor LOC 1133
Russian Grandeur, RCA LPM-2902/LSP-2902
The Young Beat of Rome, RCA Victor LSP-2958, 1964
Candy’s Theme and Other Sweets, RCA Victor LSP-3332, 1965
The Man from U.N.C.L.E., RCA Victor LSP 3475
Come Spy With Me, RCA Victor LSP 3540
More from The Man from U.N.C.L.E., RCA Victor LSP 3574
Others by Brothers, RCA Victor LSP 3784
Music from “A Fistful of Dollars” and “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,” RCA Victor LSP 3927
Hang ‘Em High, RCA Victor, Stereo LSP-4022
Moog Power, RCA Victor LSP-4170
Good Vibrations, RCA Victor LSP-4104 (1969)
Lady in Cement (soundtrack), 20th Century Fox S4204
Colours of Love, RCA Victor LSP-4273
Music from the Comedy Hit, “Viva Max!”, RCA Victor LSP-3927
The Best of Hugo Montenegro, RCA Victor LSP-4361
Dawn of Dylan, 1970
People …One to One, RCA Victor LSP-4537 (1971)
This is Hugo Montenegro, RCA Victor VPS-6036 (1971)
Love Theme From The Godfather, RCA APD1-0001
Hugo in Wonderland, RCA Victor APD1-0413
Neil’s Diamonds, 1973
Hugo in Wonder-land, 1974
Rocket Man (Elton John covers), 1975

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