Weegee and Duchamp…

Together on the BBC…

“A celebration of the continuing influence of artist Duchamp and crime photographer Weegee, who both died 25 years ago.
Weegee. Chronicling New York low and high life, Weegee’s photographs have often shocked the world. His wife [?], Wilma Wilcox , talks about the man behind the myth. Director Debbie Geller
Duchamp’s Fountain
In 1917 [?], Marcel Duchamp entered a white porcelain object in a New York exhibition. it was a urinal. Arena unearths the origins of this extraordinary story with an account from
Duchamp’s lover of the time, ceramicist Beatrice Wood.
Director Christopher Bruce Series editors Nigel Finch and Anthony Wall

Talks: Wilma Wilcox
Director: Debbie Geller
Unknown: Marcel Duchamp
Unknown: Beatrice Wood.
Director: Christopher Bruce
Editors: Nigel Finch
Editors: Anthony Wall”


BBC Two England, 2 April 1993 21.30

Issue 3612
25 March 1993
Page 104

(After Red Dwarf V and before News Night and Weather View.)


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