“He even turned the camera upon himself.” – “The voice of digital culture…”











Screenshots from mashable.com.
According to Wikipedia, mashable.com’s slogan is: “The leading media company for the Connected Generation and the voice of digital culture.”

A few things that may or may not be true:
“He used several methods to create these ‘distortions,’ including melting copy negatives.” – Perhaps melting copy negatives is not how the distortions were made. We’ve seen thousands of Weegee’s negatives and have never seen melted negatives. In Weegee’s books, Weegee’s Creative Camera and Weegee’s Creative Photography he elaborates in great detail about how the distortions were made…

“For nearly three decades, Arthur Fellig — otherwise known as ‘Weegee’ — ruled the world of Manhattan street photography.” – “Ruled the world of Manhattan street photography” is absurd and meaningless. He was one of many great photographers working in NYC. For nearly a decade (1935-1945), Weegee made great street photos in NYC, would be more accurate…

“The makeshift darkroom in the trunk of his car enabled him to quickly develop his photos and send them off to the tabloids.” – The trunk was more like an office, with a typewriter, not an enlarger, and a closet, with boxes of photo supplies and cigars, etc. Look at the endpapers of Naked City

If mashable.com is “The leading media company for the Connected Generation and the voice of digital culture” that doesn’t mean it’s an accurate voice…

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