[Photographers and rubberneckers around police headquarters]

Weegee Guide to New York, pp 64-65

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the above photo was not made by Weegee…
Of course the title, location and date are accurate, but in the line of shutterbugs scuffling for position, situated next to the camera-less dude who appears to be shouting with clenched fist… there’s a familiar face… the silver stained fingernails are clear as day…


(Would be useful to see the back of this print.) It’s a peculiar photo: there’s a row of about 11 guys, three are holding cameras, one is looking at the photographer, two might be laughing, three are looking at the guy who might be shouting and making a clenched fist with his right, gloveless hand or Weegee, only about four are looking at what they are looking at, presumably the criminal and police officer imminently emerging from police headquarters…

Weegee Guide to New York, pp 64-65

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