“Only Human”

For sale:

Photo of Louella Parsons
Inscribed: “To Jimmy / Weegee.”

“With a two page typed letter (November 31 [sic] 1950), signed, corrected and with a long postscript in the photographer’s hand. Weegee writes Los Angeles Herald-Examiner columnist Jimmy Starr regarding his promotional tour for his photographs and a 16 mm film…”

“…I photographed places that have never been photographed before…inside JAILS…BEHIND THE SCENES WITH THE STRIP TEASERS…I will devote my time to my new book ‘ONLY HUMAN’ which will be published next summer…It will only make my former book ‘The Naked City’…look like a fairy story for little kiddies.”
“He notes that he is enclosing the above photo and two others…”


The above quotes from Peter L. Stern & Company’s website

More info here.

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