Screenshot from “M”, 1951 (approx. 33:44)

“In the remake of the old German Peter Lorre classic, ‘M,’ I played a murder suspect…” Weegee by Weegee, p.101

“M”, 1951 (approx. 34:44-51)

Screenshots from M, Directed by Joseph Losey, 1951 (starting approx. 8:05)

A few of the still images, between the “DON’T”s, are (bizarre and incongruous, staged and spooky) Weegee photos…
(A small mystery, finally, solved.)

“1951. March: A remake of the Fritz Lang film M is released with Weegee in the role of a murder suspect.” “Naked Hollywood: Weegee in Los Angeles” p. 125

Seven of the greatest seconds in film history!
Seven seconds of seminal cinema!


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