What 2 Wear

(Screenshot from Swanngallieries.com)

Copied from: Swanngallieries.com:
“Sale 2466 Lot 70
What do Wear. Ferrotyped silver print, the image measuring 13 1/8×10 1/2 inches (33.3×26.7 cm.), the sheet slightly larger, with a Credit Photo by Weegee hand stamp and a typed caption label on verso; a Marcuse Pfeifer Gallery label is affixed to the the obverse of the lower mat. Circa 1941
From the Marcuse Pfeifer Gallery, New York; to a Private Collector, in the 1970s.”

Sold for $2750.00

Morris Weinstock, of 130 Baruch Place, (Manhattan, not Brooklyn), starring in “What to Wear,” published in PM on October 15, 1941…

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