Weegee’s “Naked City” on the BBC

Screenshot of bbc.com.

Weegee: Photos of a seedy underworld

A loner and an outlier, Weegee took news snaps of people on the margins – which went on to influence photographers after his death. A new reissue of his classic photobook Naked City reveals the extraordinary power of his images.

By Oliver Lunn
March 4, 2020

Arthur Fellig was a freelance news photographer famed for his gritty crime pictures of New York City in the late 1930s and 40s. Known as Weegee, perhaps a wordplay on ‘OuiJa board’ because of his prescient arrivals at the scenes of emergencies, he appeared like a character from a Hollywood film noir – cigar between his lips, cartoonishly big camera flash around his neck, a vocabulary that referred to dead bodies as “stiffs”…


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