Barney and The Bug

“The Bug”; Bob Pope and his Hotel Charlotte Orchestra; Bluebird (B-6300-B); 1936

“Barney Google”; Irving and Jack Kaufman; Rose; Conrad; Gennett (5152-B); April 1923

“Barney Google”; Harry Blake and Robert Judson; Rose; Conrad; Perfect (12049-A); April 3, 1923

“Barney Google”; Billy Jones and Ernest Hare; Rose and Conrad; Columbia (A3876); 1923

“Barney Google”; Thomas and West; Con Conrad; Regal (9459-A); March 1923

“Barney Google”; Missouri Jazz Hounds; Arthur Hall; Con Conrad; Regal (9486-A); May 1923

“Barney Google”; Frank Williams; Rose; Conrad; Cameo (351); March 1923

“Barney Google”; The Great White Way Orchestra; Billy Rose; Con Conrad; Billy Murray; Victor (19093-A); 1923

“Barney Google”; Billy Jones; Rose; de Beek; Conrad; Bell (P-220-B); 1923

“Barney Google”; Georgie Price; Billy Rose; Con Conrad; Victor (19066-A); April 26, 1923

“Barney Google”; Haring’s Velvetone Orchestra; Rose; Conrad; Cameo (355); May 1923

The New York Times, May 25, 1939

“Barney Google”; Melody King’s Dance Orchestra; Rose; Conrad; His Master’s Voice (216407-B); 1923


Two Men Sought for Year by Dewey for Questioning in Lepke – Gurrah Inquiry


One Is Known as ‘Charlie the Bug’ [Convicted, in 1941, of killing Dutch Schultz, in 1935, thanks to Abe Reles…] and Other as ‘Barney Google,’ Police Say

“Barney Google”; Charlie Ventura and his Bop for the People; Charlie Ventura and Ensemble; Billy Rose; Con Conrad; RCA Victor (20-3467-A); June 1949

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