“…from ashes to Asch’s”

“Jazz Me Blues”; Stella Brooks; Joe Sullivan; Sidney Bechet; Frank Newton; George Brunies; George Wettling; Jack Lesberg; Tom Delaney; Disc (5031B); May 7, 1946

PM, April 16, 1946 (Unidentified Photographer)

“Parallel Fifths”; Frankie Newton and his Cafe Society Orchestra; Newton; Vocalion (5410); April 15, 1946

PM, 1946

Don Freemans’ Newsstand Finds Frankie Newton Practicing in the Furnace Room

Frankie Newton, considered by some people who should know, to be the greatest living trumpet player, had a busy day last week – it was a matter of going from ashes to Asch’s. I found him sitting in front of his apartment house on E. 17th Street… “Man,” he said, “you can’t beat this place for a joint to practice in. I could blast all night long and nobody would get wind of it.”…
PM, 1946

“The Onyx Hop”; Frankie Newton and his Uptown Serenaders; Frank Newton and Pete Brown; Frank Newton; Vocalion (v 3839); July 13, 1937

Weegee, Weegee’s People, 1946

A group of night club musicians, finished with their night’s work spread the word that a friendly superintendent would let them hold a ‘jam” session in the sub-basement of his building…
Weegee, Weegee’s People, 1946

“Frankie’s Jump”; Frank Newton & his Cafe Society Orchestra; Newton; Parlophone (R 2708); September 1939

Frank Newton (January 4, 1906 – March 11, 1954), born 117 years ago today…

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