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(1) Continuous Machine Gun Burst; (2) Single Machine Gun Burst; (3) Single Machine Gun Burst…; Major (5010 A); 1960

Elmira Star, June 16, 1925

Carrying or owning firearms without permit is a grave offense in the state of New York, but on the East Side guns are bootlegged as freely as hooch. Arthur Fellig, a photographer, tells me that while he was walking along Third Avenue the other night a gorilla approached him and asked him if he needed a gun, saying he would rent him one for a dollar [in June 1925 $1 had the same buying power as $16.70 in May 2022] a day.
Elmira Star, June 16, 1925

Machine Gun; Victor (S E-14); 1928

PM Daily, Febuary 3, 1942, p. 11, Vol. II, No. 164
Off Duty Cop Does Duty, Kills Gunman Who Tries Stickup
The boys were playing a little pool and cards in the Spring Arrow Social and Athletic Club, 344 Broome St., near the Bowery last night. Patrolman Eligio Sarro, off duty, went in for a pack of cigarets. Four men entered. “This is a stick-up,” the leader muttered. Sarro was a little slow getting his hands out of his overcoat pockets. “Get ’em up,” ordered the leader, Sarro did. One hand held a gun. When he got through firing, the leader was dead.

The usual curious crowd gathered after the gunman, fatally wounded, staggered from the entrance. He was about 22, dark and chunky. Police said he was Andrew Izzo with a record of six arrests.

Patrolman Sarro smokes a cigaret a few minutes after he dropped the gunman. He’s assigned to the Empire Blvd. precinct in Brooklyn. He lives only a few doors from the club.
PM Photos by Weegee

Weegee Daily, February 3-4, 2013
Off Duty Photographer Does Duty, Shoots Photo…
The boys and girls were looking at lights and bulbs in the Grand Lighting and Parts, 344 Broome St., near the Bowery tonight…

344 Broome St., February 4, 2013

NY Times, February 3, 1942