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New York Herald Tribune, April 17, 1942

“Phonograph records were added yesterday to the lengthening list of civilian comforts curtailed by war necessities. The War Production Board issued orders in Washington ordering manufacturers of photograph records to make an immediate 70 per cent reduction in the amount of shellac they use to make records…”
“Shellac makes up 15 to 25 per cent of a phonographic record, this official added. Clay usually is the bulk of a record, with cotton flock, limestone, lamp black, wax and acetate the other materials used…”

Daily News, April 15, 1942 (by Virginia Pasley)

“Phonographic Rug Cutting Is Cut 70% By U.S.
“Come on you ickies and alligators, get in your hot licks now because soon you’ll have fewer jive platters – 70% fewer, in fact. The shellac that is used to make your records is going to coat shells…”