“The Chicks I Pick Are Slender and Tender and Tall”; Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five; Louis Jordan; Mike Jackson; Bubsy Meyers; Decca (23629 A / 23629 B); Publication date: July 21, 1942

PM, July 21, p. 32 (Photos by Weegee and Irving Haberman)

Yes, It Was Hottest Day of the Year All Right, All Right

Yesterday thermometer showed 92.6 at 4:45 p.m. – highest of 1942. At 1 a.m yesterday it was 85 – that was when this mam opened fire hydrant.
PM, July 21, p. 32

“Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five”; Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five; Louis Jordan; Mike Jackson; William Weldon; Shepard; Williams; Decca (23628 A); Publication date: July 21, 1942

“Funeral March”; Mark Andrews; Chopin; Victor (35958-B); Publication date: March 29, 1928

Weegee, Naked City, 1945, page 163

In the Line-Up Room

This guy killed a cop in a hold up. First he got a black eye… then the electric chair in Sing Sing prison…

Naked City, 1945, page 163

“Funeral Blues (Eat Custard And You’ll Never Break A Tooth)”; Blossom Seeley; Morgan; Columbia (A3382); 1921

The New York Times, March 17, 1942

Funeral Held for Espositos

Funeral services were held yesterday for William and Anthony Esposito, who died in the electric chair last Friday at Sing Sing…
The New York Times, March 17, 1942

“Get Happy”; Art Hodes And His Orchestra; Sidney De Paris; Brad Gowans; Rod Cless; Art Hodes; Eddie Condon; Earl Murphy; Zutty Singleton; Harold Arlen; Ted Koehler; Decca (18438 A); Publication date: March 17, 1942

“Another One of Them Things”; Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra; Sy Oliver; Victor (20-1553-B); Publication date: March 13, 1942

“I’m Gonna Run to My Lord”; The Robinson Children; Decca (7893 A); March 13, 1942

“There’s One More River to Cross”; The Robinson Children; Decca (7900 A); March 13, 1942

The New York Times, March 13, 1942


‘Mad Killers,’ Keeping Insanity
Pose to End, Are Wheeled
to Death Chamber


Brothers, Weak From Refusal
to Eat or Exercise, Die
for Ruthless Crimes

OSSINING, N.Y., March 12 – Apparently almost oblivious of their surroundings and what was being done to them, William and Anthony Esposito were put to death in the electric chair at Sing Sing Prison tonight for the murder of Patrolman Edward F. Maher, who was shot to death as he pursued the brothers after a hold-up in New York City on Jan. 14, 1941…

…extraordinarily sordid… [$649 in January 1941 had the same buying power as $11,728.13 in February 2022.]

“I Hope I May Join the Band”; The Robinson Children; Decca (7900 B); March 13, 1942

“Air Raid”; 1957

“Air Raid Sirens”; 1960

PM, September 21, 1942, p.9

Last Time Tonight At Polo Grounds:

What Air Raid here Might Be Like

What might happen during an air attack on New York is subject of Polo Grounds show that goes on for the last time tonight. Saturday was the first night of the show, and these photos show you what it’s like. Because it’s important, admission is free and no tickets are required. Furthermore, the Polo Grounds can hold, without crowding, a lot more than the 10,000 persons who were there Saturday. Show starts at 8, lasts till about 10:30, and our photographer, Weegee says it’s pretty good. Come early and bring the kids.

Master Sgt. Monroe R. Bethman shows what enemies who bomb New York would get in return as he demonstrates how to wreck pillbox with flame-thrower.

Control panel like one that will be used by New York to keep track of enemy planes is an exhibit.

Mayor La Guardia and Col. Joseph D. Sears led parade before show started Saturda. Mayor gave Oath of Allegiance to crowd.

Using chair for shield, U.S. soldier puts out incendiary bomb with stream of water. Loud explosions make show realistic.

PM, September 21, 1942, p.9

“Obey Your Air Raid Warden”; Tony Pastor and his Orchestra; Tony Pastor; Les Burness; John Morris; March 16, 1942

PM, September 21, 1942, p.10

As House was ‘Bombed’ at Polo Grounds

These two photos show miniature building “bombed” in Polo Grounds show. Here bomb has struck sat building afire. Now see here –

Firemen quickly get the flames under control. Show demonstrates that homes with clean attics are more fire-resistant than others.

Trapped in one of the “bombed” buildings policeman W. C. Gossman needs first aid. Emergency squad arrives, and –

Gossman is carried away for attention. All bombs from two-pound… to 4000-pound German “Satan” are shown at Polo Grounds.

PM, September 21, 1942, p.10

“In Case of an Air Raid”; Harold Grant and His Orchestra; The Good Fellows; H. Lenk; E. Drake; Harold Drake; 1942

“Air Raid Warden”

“Spider Sent Me,” Paul Williams Sextette; Paul Williams; Spider Burks St. Louis, 1948

PM, July 5, 1942, p. 7

Coney Island At Noon Saturday

The crowd came later, according to Weegee who wanted a photo that showed some beach and not too many people. The masked man said that he was a laundry man, but would only be photographed incognito. The mask is a gag of his; he call himself the Spider, and likes to frighten people. Weegee didn’t get the names and addresses of the others in the photo, either. PM Photo by Weegee.
PM, July 5, 1942, p. 7

“Just Like a Spider,” Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup; Arthur Crudup, 1947

PM, June 23, 1942

Vengeance Bridges the Years

Feud begun in 1930, when two shipmates quarreled in a Brazilian port, according to police, ended this way in Greenwich Village, during the week end. A passerby is holding a match before the eyes of Anthony Acena Miras, 39, of 51 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, to see if he is still alive. Police arrested Manuel Lopez, 40, on a homicide charge. Miras was stabbed to death on sidewalk near 14th St. and Seventh Ave. He lies dying, above. PM Photo by Weegee

“It’s Murder,” Lil Armstrong And Her Swing Orchestra, Lil Armstrong, 1936

202 West 14th St., June 23, 2021

Brooklyn Eagle, June 22, 1942, p.2

12-Year-Old Feud Ends With Fatal Stabbing

The final chapter to an argument between two seamen which began 12 years ago on the ill-fated Vestris [1912-1928] was written today with the fatal stabbing of one of the men.

The original quarrel began in a Brazilian port and was resumed last night with flashing knives outside of a Greenwich Village bar. It ended with the death of Anthony Acena Miras, 39, and the arrest of Manuel Lopez, 40 on a charge of homicide.

The two were shipmates on the Vestris and during a quarrel in 1930 Lopez was slashed across the face with a knife, which left an ugly scar. The two men had not see each other since until Saturday night when Lopez passed a tavern at 202 W. 14th St. Manhattan, and saw at the bar. He called him outside, and the two resumed their 12-year-old battle.

“Wee Wee Hours,” Big Bill Broonzy, July 1941

Weegee, Naked City, 1945

PM, May 31, 1942, pp.8-9 (photo by Weegee)

Weegee, free-lance news photographer who drives around New York in search of pictures, got so many dirty looks during the first two weeks of gas rationing that he had a sign painter letter this card for the rack that used to hold his front license plate. Like one out of every 10 motorists in the East, Weegee has an X card.
PM, May 31, 1942, p.8

Extra! Weegee!, p. 19

Shrinking Violet Explains

New York – The envious looks of gasless former “Sunday Drivers” pierced the tender epidermis of “Weegee” noted New York freelance photographer as he toured the city while on the job today. To get rid of that uncomfortable feeling, “Weegee” mounted this explanation of gasoline expenditure on the front of his machine and immediately felt much better.
Credit Line (ACME) 5-24-42

Extra! Weegee!, p. 19


We’re the Sunday Drivers, Billy Murray’s Trio (Carl Mathieu, Monroe Silver and Murray), 1927

PM, February 3, 1942, pp. 10-11, Vol. II, No. 164

Off Duty Cop Does Duty, Kills Gunman Who Tries Stickup
The boys were playing a little pool and cards in the Spring Arrow Social and Athletic Club, 344 Broome St., near the Bowery last night. Patrolman Eligio Sarro, off duty, went in for a pack of cigarets. Four men entered. “This is a stick-up,” the leader muttered. Sarro was a little slow getting his hands out of his overcoat pockets. “Get ’em up,” ordered the leader, Sarro did. One hand held a gun. When he got through firing, the leader was dead.

The usual curious crowd gathered after the gunman, fatally wounded, staggered from the entrance. He was about 22, dark and chunky. Police said he was Andrew Izzo with a record of six arrests.

Patrolman Sarro smokes a cigaret a few minutes after he dropped the gunman. He’s assigned to the Empire Blvd. precinct in Brooklyn. He lives only a few doors from the club.
PM Photos by Weegee