Simply Add Boiling Water… Simply Subtract Several Construction Projects…

After several years of research wee have finally identified the location of Simply Add Boiling Water, 1943.

After examining old subway maps:

And after walking around the base of the Brooklyn Bridge…
The construction of the FDR and the construction of the Alfred E. Smith housing projects obfuscated the location, but we now think the location is below the Brooklyn Bridge, on the north side.

Water Street no longer runs under the bridge…

“The Sign across the center of the building refers to the frankfurters, not the firemen! Weegee put his Speed Graphic with 51/4″ lens on a tripod and three No. 3 flashbulbs on extensions. Super Panchro Pres – 1/10 at F:8”

Minicam, March 1947

  1. Jeff said:

    I can tell you exactly where the location of the building is, because I lived in it from July 1995 until May 2006. It's on Water St., all right, but on the Brooklyn side of the water. And that's the Manhattan Bridge (note the use of steel reinforcements, as opp to the stone used on the BB). The address is 155 Water St, Brooklyn. Just discovered that Weegee, one of my favorite photographers, had shot my building. Weird. And cool. The building's only other claim to fame is a brief appearance in the otherwise execrable "Scent of a Woman."

  2. CG said:

    Thank you for writing. Thanks for the correction.Is that the building between Pearl and Anchorage St.s?

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