Naked Cities… First Edition First Printing vs. First Edition Second Printing

Wee could be completely wrong about this!

Nevertheless… the following might be (slightly) true…

Weegee, Naked City, (first edition, first printing)

Weegee, Naked City, (first edition, second printing)

Weegee, Naked City, first edition, first printing, on top…

First edition, first printing has a coarse, thicker, slightly darker (or maybe my copy is dirtier), book cloth cover, and more importantly no images on the rear end pages…

First edition, second printing has a thiner, smoother book cloth, and beautiful rear end pages…

(First edition, second printing or third printing also has Duell Sloane and Pearce printed on the bottom of the spine, below Essential Books…)

(Who took the photos on the end pages? Was it Simon Nathan?)

Again, wee could be completely wrong…


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