Extra! Weegee!, pp. 300-301

“Weegee” Lends a Helping Hand
New York — Down at the Bronx Terminal Market, 151st and Exterior Sts., to cover the picketing by retail dealers, photographer “Weegee” got into the swing of things and carried a placard for the picketers. Here, he holds up the sign denouncing black marketeers, all the while puffing on his big cigar and keeping his camera handy for a good picture. The market was picketed by dealers protesting the black market and tie-in sales.

PM, August 20, 1940

They’d Sooner Be at the Beach But, Heat or No Heat, Jobs Are Scarce
Weegee, the wag, finished up the day by taking his own picture in the darkroom. Note camera release in his hand.

“FLASH: The Making of Weegee the Famous, by Christopher Bonanos. (Holt, $20.) Bonanos, the city editor of New York magazine, offers a compelling portrait of the 20th-century photographer Arthur Fellig, whose tabloid images riveted viewers. His life in the city began when he was a poor immigrant child living on the Lower East Side, and culminated in his becoming a photojournalist with practically a supernatural instinct for how to create a dramatic picture.” NY Times, 08/02/2019

“Weegee, Self-Portrait as a Talent Scout, ca. 1950-2″, p 431
(“500 Self Portraits” published by Phaidon)

(There are 500 self portraits in the Naked City… and this is one page of them…)

(Screenshot from

“Weegee the Famous, the Voyeur and Exhibitionist: The street photographer turned gritty, grisly New York scenes into art.”
“This article appears in the print edition of the May 28, 2018, issue, with the headline “Shots in the Dark.””

Great review… of a Great book: “Flash: The Making of Weegee the Famous” (Holt) by Christopher Bonanos…

We liked the way photos, mostly by other photographers, like Helen Levitt, B. Glinn, etc. are incorporated into scenes of daily life (which they were, of course) and come (back) to life…
We liked the Weegee photos scene from different angles, like from the spectator’s points of view…
We liked many of the drawings and more, much more…

Copied from the publisher’s website,

Weegee: Serial Photographer
by Max de Radiguès and Wauter Mannaert

140 pages, 7×10 inches, b/w, paperback, $18
Translation by Aleshia Jensen

May 2018

“60 Injured In Western Electric Blast,” November 30, 1943, “Extra! Weegee” pages 44-45.

There are many reason to love the book “Extra! Weegee” (Hirmer, 2017) this is one of them:
Making connections between photos. The two photos above and “…And the human cop” were all made at the same place, after the same explosion…

Weegee, “Naked City,” 1945, pp. 68-69
“…and the human cop.”

PM caption:
“Proving the Cops are Human
A look of grave concern crosses the face of this policeman as he watches an injured woman being removed from the Western Electric plant at 395 Hudson St. following explosion that killed two early yesterday.”

(To be continued…)

“Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs of People,” by Henry Carroll, Laurence King Publishing, 2015. (From Irving Penn gift shop, in the Met Museum…)

Irving Penn, at the Met Museum exhibition.

Speaking of Irving Penn, it’s almost impossible to look at this photo and imagine, if it’s there or not, a Weegee influence…
(Or, maybe it’s just a coincidence that they photographed similar signs in the same place, on the Bowery… Or, maybe for different reasons, they were drawn to similar signs on the Bowery…)