Recent Auctions: "Rent Party"

Sold for: $154.01

From the auction listing:

WEEGEE Original 8 by 10 Photograph Rent Party 1942 Arthur Fellig Photo

This auction is for an original 8 by 10 inch silver gelatin photograph made by noted celebrity and newspaper photographer Arthur Fellig.

Please note–The photo is in overall good condition, however there is light wrinkling along the upper margin of gthe print (which does not affect the overall quality of the image). There is no photographer’s imprint or signature, however we guarantee authenticity of this item so bid with confidence.

THIS ITEM comes from the estate of Peter Martin who was a close friend of WEEGEE and was the publisher of several photo magazines during the early 1950s. Martin’s photo studio in the Greenwich Village section of New York City was a meeting place for many famous & aspiring photographers of the time.

Of course we could be wrong, but that photo was not made in 1942… ca. 1955 is closer to the truth…

In our little electronic filling cabinet this one goes in the “Auction” folder…

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