Weegee Daily… July 22, 1941














PM Daily, July 22, 1941, p. 20

Dancers Moved Out to 35th Street when Manhattan Center was forced to close its doors on a terrific crowd. Music was piped to sound trucks and the crowd in the street held its dance right there. Dancing was mixed with horseplay as aluminum pots sailed through the air in every direction. It took 50 cops to send the enthusiasts home, but it was all good fun. OPM told housewives that 5000 dishpans mean the U.S.A. can build one fighter plane, 2000 roasters and 2500 double boilers build two more planes. PM Photo by Weegee

Weegee Daily, July 22, 2012

No One Moved Out to 35th Street when Manhattan Center opened its rear stage doors on a terrific religious crowd. An enormous crowd left Manhattan Center and flowed east and west on 34th Street after a religious service ended. A few pedicabs made circles in the street, and parked in the pedicab garage…











Where the photo was made, and a cheap imitation:

The uncommon circular decoration on the corner of the fire escape, in the forground of the Weegee photo, made the exact location of this photo easy to find. Weegee must have climbed up to the (perhaps) third floor of 327 (or perhaps 329) 35th St., and facing west, or away from Manhattan Center, and very close to NYPD’s Midtown Precinct South, made the photo that was published…

Weegee Daily Map!!!


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