Weegee Daily… December 23, 1940

PM Daily, December 23, 1940, p15. PM photos by Weegee
Home For Christmas Are the Soldiers From Alabama.
“For nearly seven hours wives, girl friends, mothers and fathers swarmed into Pennsylvania Station to greet 5000 men returning from Fort McClellan, Anniston, Ala., on Christmas furlough. The special sections ran far behind schedule but the festive spirit of the crowd overwhelmed any feeling of boredom at the delay. The off schedules were caused by heavy traffic on southern routes of other trains distributing the new trainees throughout the country for the holidays. Then, too, special stops had to be made to take aboard more drinking water and sandwiches. Here, part of the crowd waits.”

IMG_2789 copy

IMG_2792 copy
Weegee Daily, December 23, 2012. WD photos by Ceegee
“…People swarmed Grand Central Station… the Apple store overwhelmed any feeling of boredom. Here, part of the crowd walks and waits and photographs…”

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