Weegee Daily… December 22, 1941…

Ticking of the clock brought on police investigation. PM Photo by Weegee

pm_1941_12_22b-2 copy
“Police Solve Mystery of Ticking Suitcase
But Virtually Ruin Contents By Soaking It in Oil.
An attendant at the Pennsylvania Station parcel-checking room wasn’t taking any chances yesterday when he picked up a suitcase and heard a ticking noise inside it. He called the police.
Bomb squad detectives took the suitcase to a nearby parking lot, soaked it in oil and opened it. They found an alarm clock, the hands indicating 5:28; three pairs of women’s shoes, a raincoat, a meat chopper, two flatirons, two brushes and woman’s undies.
The suitcase was returned to the checkroom, the contents a bit the worse for the oil.”

Ticking of the clock brought on photographer’s investigation… WD Photos by Ceegee

Our intrepid photographer went to the Pennsylvania Station/Madison Square Garden parking lot and found a sidewalk soaked in oil, two K-9 police patrol cars, 3 Port Authority police cars, and many barricades…

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