Weegee Daily… January 10, 1943… One of the “Frills” That Could Make Milk Cost You More…

PM Daily, January 10, 1943, Vol. 3, No. 177, p.5
One of the “Frills” That Could Make Milk Cost You More
Consumer 7 a.m.: Consumer-Farmer delivers 120 paper containers.
Juniper 8:05 a.m.: Juniper delivers 96 bottles.
Borden 8:20 a.m.: Borden delivers 76.
Sheffield 9:20 a.m.: Sheffield delivers 84.
Soiefer 9:30 a.m.” Soiefer delivers 144.
Sunnydale 9:55 a.m. : Sunnydale 100 bottles of cream.
PM Photos by Weegee

Weegee Daily, January 10, 2013
WD Photos by Ceegee
Then Daily King – Now Sumo. No milk deliveries anymore… Movie or T.V. trucks outside… Milk – no… Movies – yes…
Weegee’s Dairy King delivery photos show his lesser-known, yet not uncommon, war-time home front and consumer advocate themes… The “frills” were seven dairy deliveries a day. Instead of seven trucks delivering milk, if there was just one truck and one delivery, that would save gas, rubber, time and money… As Hyman Linkoffsky, owner of Dairy King, said: “But it’s a war, and I don’t think it would be too much of a sacrifice. After all, milk is milk.”

Google Street View, Weegee Daily, January 10, 2013

Weegee Daily Map!


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