Weegee Daily… January 16, 1942… Ruffled Raffles…

PM Daily, January 16, 1942, p. 32
Ruffled Raffles is John Meryett who confesses he robbed Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt after her daughter’s wedding in Hollywood. He tried to hold up a finance company here yesterday…
PM Photo by Weegee

Weegee Daily, January 16, 2013
Ruffled Raffles is a photo of The (chic?) Ramones in a window across the street from the old Police Headquarters… Ruffled Raffles is waiting 1.5 hours at 10:30 PM at MoMA to see (or not see) The Clock… Ruffled Raffles is not the amazing art of A.Zittel
Weegee Daily, Photo by Ceegee


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