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PM Daily, January 16, 1942, p. 32
Ruffled Raffles is John Meryett who confesses he robbed Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt after her daughter’s wedding in Hollywood. He tried to hold up a finance company here yesterday…
PM Photo by Weegee

Weegee Daily, January 16, 2013
Ruffled Raffles is a photo of The (chic?) Ramones in a window across the street from the old Police Headquarters… Ruffled Raffles is waiting 1.5 hours at 10:30 PM at MoMA to see (or not see) The Clock… Ruffled Raffles is not the amazing art of A.Zittel
Weegee Daily, Photo by Ceegee


PM Daily, January 16, 1941, Vol. 1, No. 152, p. 32
Gunman Doesn’t Want His Picture Taken
For the first time since Bruno Hauptmann, police today permitted photographers in the line-up room at headquarters. The subject was Anthony Esposito, under indictment with his brother, William for the murder of a business man and a policeman in Tuesday’s tragic Battle of Fifth Ave. The angry gunman ducked after Weegee took the above.

The detectives, manacled to Esposito, didn’t want their names or pictures in the papers. They obliged by turning around, holding the gunman by head and arm so he couldn’t duck again. The yard-stick (top photo) is on the line-up platform, where Esposito had stood, refusing to answer question. “He looked like a sullen, surly, snarling animal,” Weegee reported. “He stumbled and sagged over to one side like a drunk.”

Photos by Weegee, PM Staff

Weegee Daily, January 16, 2013

We returned to the scene of the crime, 365 Fifth Ave., the former B. Altman & Co building… We followed the route of the “vicious movie-type Dead End Kids, gun-toters in their teens” gunmen, where the first murder occurred, from 6 East 34th St, (building is now gone). Then the two gunmen ran across the street and entered Altman’s, ran through Altman’s and left through a Madison Ave. exit. Then they ran around to Fifth Ave., in front of a five and dime… Ghosts are all that remain…
Weegee “reporting” again…
Photos by Ceegee, WD Staff


PM Daily, January 15, 1941
PM Daily, January 16, 1941





A Weegee Daily Map!

PM Daily, January 14, 1943, Vol. 3, No. 181, p.2
“Shading his face from photographers, Carmine Galante is taken from Police Headquarters to the District Attorney’s office for questioning.”
PM Photo by Weegee

Weegee Daily, January 14, 2013
Former Police Headquarters on Centre Market Place…
WD Photo by Ceegee

(Carmine Galante [rarely seen without a cigar, according to wikipedia] was of course not charged with the Tresca murder…)

PM Daily, January 14, 1943, Vol. 3, No. 181, p.2

Weegee Daily Map!

PM Daily, January 6, 1942, p. 12

2. But this policeman found an auto near Radio City parked illegally, and left a ticket…
3. For Eddie Grosso, musician, of 34-40 83d St., Jackson Heights. Grosso faces $4 fine under new law. He parked his car, attended to business in Radio City, got souvenir.
PM Photos by Weegee


Weegee Daily, January 6, 2013
2. A meter maid, or New York City traffic enforcement agent, found this van near Radio City parked illegally, and left a ticket…
3. A/C repairman faces a $65 fine. He parked his van, attended to business in Radio City, got souvenir.
Weegee Daily Photos by Ceegee

Weegee Daily Map!

PM Daily, December 26, 1940.
First Aid fails to revive Paul Ryan, killed by a gas explosion in his apartment at 865 First Ave. Police said it was apparently suicide. The Christmas night blast shock the 17-story building and injured two house employes. PM photo by Weegee.

Boring photos fail to revive pedestrian… One of the eight million stories in the 17-story building ends and the building remains surprisingly intact… Weegee Daily photos by Ceegee.

Weegee, PM Daily, November 24, 1941, p. 13

Cop Kills Holdup Man: A few minutes after he had held up an Essex Street lunchroom on the Lower East Side and shot a patron, Vincent Mannuzza, 31, was lying dead at the feet of the cop who shot him. Patrolman Laurence Cramer, right, shot and killed Mannuzza, after a two-block chase and is shown handing the gunman’s revolver to Sgt. Eugene Morland. The $20 loot taken from the restaurant lies in Mannuzza’s hat at his side. An ambulance surgeon crouches over the dead man who was shot in he head and back. Mannuzza shot a customer, Adam Zayko, 50, when he refused to go into the back room with two other customers and the mangaer of the lunchroom.
PM Photo by Weegee

Weegee Daily, November 24, 2012, – Approximate location
WD Photo by Ceegee

Footnote, or, after a few minutes of Googling, two similar, yet slightly different accounts:

The Herald Statesman, Yonkers, N.Y., Monday, November 24, 1941, p. 5

The Niagara Falls Gazette, Monday, November 24, 1941, p. 22

Weegee Daily, November 24, 2012 – Approximate location
WD Photo by Ceegee