Weegee Daily… January 24, 1941… Theater District Smoked Up At Curtain Time Last Night…

Theater District Smoked Up At Curtain Time Last Night
PM Daily, January 24, 1941, Vol. 1, No. 158, p. 15
The fire started among baled bolts of cotton fabric in the basement of 70 W. 38th St. The alarm was sent in at 8 o’clock and a second at 8:21. By 8:45, though the smoke made it a mean one to get at, the blaze had been doused without damage to millinery shops on the upper floors. The parked car at center got a soaking. One fireman was seriously burned in the foot.
PM photos by Weegee

Weegee Daily, January 24, 2013
No Longer The Theater District, Not Smoked Up A Curatin Time Last Night…

Weegee Daily photos by Ceegee

(to be continued…)

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