70 Years Ago Today… “How to Make Your Own Movies on a Shoestring.”

PM Daily, March 19, 1946
Words by Louise Levitas
“How to Make Your Own Movies on a Shoestring…
… Miss Deren broke free when she started to make her first movie because she didn’t like the kind of Hollywood pictures she was seeing. And she hopes the story of her experiences with a $300 Bolex will influence any readers with film cameras to break away from the Hollywood idea of movie making, too – for instance the idea that you need a lot of money and equipment to make a picture.
It cost Miss Deren $260, for example, to make her first movie, Meshes of the Afternoon. This was in 1943…
…The field is wide open for new ideas in movies, Miss Deren says: try it yourself.”

And Weegee did (I could be wrong, but I thought he started making movies several months later, in 1946)… A possible influence and/or inspiration?

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